03OCT21 / 1230Z - Istanbul Landing Competition (First Event)

Hello Everyone you may not know me but I’m Nikhil and I’m going to be hosting a landing challenge this sunday if anyone wants to join the info will be below and also note that I’ll be making a video of this so if you’re joining make sure to do your best landings. Make sure to reply letting me know you’ll be joining :)

Event will be on training server if anyone wants to ATC Please PM Me and make sure your good at it please.

The Landing Challenge will be held at @LTFM

Time - 12:00PM Zulu (Please convert it to your timezone)

Aircraft - Any Airliner of your preference

I’ll be creating a group pm with everyone who replied and said are joining.
Everyone please know event may be postponed


I’ll come!!

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Ok Deakin, Thanks for joining

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I’ll be there

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Ayy Manny!

I might come, we’ll see

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Ok Hyperaviation, let me know if your confirmed

ill turn up but what time is it in the uk and what day will it be on

Your time in the post is different than your displayed topic in the title

Sorry everyone ill be delaying the event since I have some problems and family matters to attend to today I’ll tell you the rescheduled date tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience

Il join this

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