03OCT20 / 1900Z - Hollywood to Hollywood - @KLAX - KFLL (CANCELLED)


 **Why LAX?**

LAX was my home airport back in 2006 and it meant alot to me and I think we should flyout of it to my future home of FLL.

About LAX

About FLL

Event Details

Server: Expert Server
Airport: Los Angeles Int’l Airport (IAO: LAX) (ICOA: KLAX)
Date and Time: 2020-10-03T19:00:00Z
Aircraft: Airbus A320-200 - Spirit Airlines

Gates - Terminal 5

It’s time to pick a gate. If you hope to attend, reply with the gate you would like!


51A - Fort Lauderdale - @CaptainZac

51B - Fort Lauderdale - @PilotCSG

52A - Fort Lauderdale - @AviatorNikola

52B - Fort Lauderdale - @Bobby_Burg

53B - Fort Lauderdale - @CheetahGaming_YT

54A - Fort Lauderdale - @Liam06

54B - Fort Lauderdale -

55A - Fort Lauderdale -

I will add more gates if needed! :)


It’s the expert server. Follow the rules. Use simbrief.com, fpltoif.com, flightplandatabase.com or any other realistic flight planning tool for your flight plan. Maintain adequate separation. If IFATC are present, follow instructions. I am not responsible for any violations you may receive. Maintain proper distancing and even or odd altitude.

PM me if anything is missing/misspelled.

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I will release PM before the event.

Thanks for reading! :) Hope to see you on Oct03 at 1900Z


Hold up. Gates are being edited right now :)

I’ll take the one to… Fort Lauderdale? Yeah, I’ll go with that one.


Alright thanks for signing up! :)



Wish I could join.

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I’ll take a gate!

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Hopefully next time

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Alright you have 52A ! Hope to see you! :)

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Okay thanks!

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My guess is because it wasn’t related to this topic

My first one was though. It said that I am no longer able to join.

Signups close at 2020-10-02T19:00:00Z

I don’t know then. Sorry

Sorry @PilotChrisSG, I just realized I already signed up for an event on this day and they overlap.
So I am unable to make it.

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I am still accepting sign-ups :)

Sure, I will take a gate. Will fly a UPS Livery and will fly track to FLL and then bear off to land in MIA if ok with you.

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I will have 52A to…should I go to the wonderful destinations of Tahiti, Sydney, or Paris…nah I will just got to FLL.

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New Signups

@Bobby_Burg Sure yea! Go ahead. You’re signed up! :)

@AviatorNikola Signed up! :)

We are accepting more signups! :) I am soon to add more flights.

Still accepting signups.