03MAY22 / 1100Z - Youth Day Event @ ZBAA

May 4th Youth Day originated from China’s 1919 Anti-imperialist and patriotic May 4th Movement, which was a thorough patriotic movement against imperialism and feudalism and also the beginning of China’s new democratic revolution. In 1939, the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia border area northwest Youth Salvation Federation set May 4th as The Chinese youth Day.

During Youth Day, various commemorative activities will be held in all parts of China. The youth will also focus on various social volunteer and social practice activities. There are also many places to hold coming-of-age ceremonies during Youth Day.

Source: Baidu

  • Server:
    Expert Server
  • Time:
    Tuesday, May 3, 2022 11:00 AMTuesday, May 3, 2022 12:00 PM
  • Route:
    ZBAA —> ZSPD (Beijing to Shanghai)
  • Aircraft/Livery:
    P.S. Everyone should use this Livery. No one will be franchised!


Use Airtable to sign up. Link’s below.

If you filled the IFC name wrong with a oops, It’s ok, do not sign up again. What you need to do, is to PM me via IFC.


Reply this thread with your callsign :)

All the gates in this form are from T3C

Gate Pilot
GATE 337 @Simon_Guo1 Pilotage
GATE 336 @Bluesky
GATE 335 @Yang-le-duo
GATE 334 @Luke_Skywalker
GATE 333 @AviatorJerry
GATE 332 @MrChurchill
GATE 330 @Davis327
GATE 328 @Alan_R
GATE 326 @Misaka_BerryXu
GATE 324 N/A
GATE 322 N/A
GATE 320 N/A




Operated by SimonG
Special thanks to the ZBAA and ZSPD Local Controller @Black


Can I get the gate 336?

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Sure, you’ve signed up.

Hello would love to take ZBAA GTS pls

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Sure, thanks for controlling!

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Gate 326,ok?

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Very ok :doge:
Thanks for coming!

What’s ur callsign?

China Southern 520VG Super 🥰🥰

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GATE 300 plz, China Southern 777VG

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I signed u up at Gate 334, is that ok?

I’ll take gate 333 if available

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Roger, you’ve signed up successfully.
Thanks for coming!

no problem, thank you!

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Gate Please!

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What’s ur callsign?

who are you talking about?

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Air China 6901 heavy,Airbus330!

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Gate 333 ?

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