03MAY21/ 1300Z North West Africa [Completed]

Hello IFC and welcome to Northern and West Africa. Where we have one of the highest population density to the lowest in the sub Sahara Desert.

I’m Mk guiding you through this Event so now buckle up for the session details.


Date and time


Main Airports

GOBD- Senegal

DAAG- Algeria

GMMN- Morocco

DMMN- Nigeria

Controller and times
Airport Controller Time Z Start Time Z End
GOBD @MKT 1300Z 1400Z
DAAG @MKT 1400Z 1500Z
GMMN @MKT 1630Z 1730Z
DMMN @MKT 1730Z 1830Z

Server: Expert

Featured Airline

We bring you Arik air based from Nigeria and has a handful of routes.

Established Routes

GOBD- Senegal 🇸🇳

Arrival Aircraft Livery
HAAB B787 Ethiopian
FAOR A330 South African
KJFK B767 Delta
OMBD B777 Emirates
LFPG B777 Air France
OTHH A350 Qatar Airways
LTFM A330 Turkish Airlines
EGLL 777F Ethiopian
DMMN 737 Arik air
Departure Aircraft Livery
KJFK B767 Delta
GBYD-LTFM A330 Turkish Airlines
OMDB B777 Emirates
LFPG 777 Air France
KIAD 787 Ethiopian
DMMN 737 Arik air

GMMN- Morocco 🇲🇦

Arrival Aircraft Livery
DMMN 737 Arik Air
OMAA 787 Ethihad
OMDB 777 Emirates
OTHH 777 Qatar Airways
LTFM A330F Turkish
GOBD 787 Royal Moroc
KJFK 787 Royal Moroc
DMMN 737 Royal Moroc
CYUL 787 Royal Moroc
Departure Aircraft Livery
DMMN 737 Arik Air
OTHH 777 Qatar
OMDB 777 Emirates
GMMH 737 Royal Moroc
KJFK 787 Royal Moroc
KIAD 787 Royal Moroc

DMMN- Nigeria 🇳🇬

Arrivals Aircraft Livery
EGLL 787 or A340 Virgin Atlantic
HAAB 797 Ethiopian
HECA 777 Egypt Air
GOBD 737 Arik Air
GMMN 737 Arik Air
DAAG 737 Arik air
LTFM 777 Turkish airlines
KATL A350 Delta
HAAB 777F Ethiopian
DNAA 737 Arik air
DIAP 737 Arik Air
DNKN 737 Arik air
Departure Aircraft Livery
GMMN 777F Qatar Cargo
EGLL 787 Virgin Atlantic
HKJK 787 Kenya airways
FACT A330 South African
HECA 777 Egypt Air
EGLL 777 British airways
LTFM A330F Turkish
OTHH 787 Qatar Airways
FAOR 747 South African

I hope to see you there and enjoy part of the Sahara Desert.



I’m going on this route

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Hello! Great event but you might want to check your spelling, it’s OMDB not OMBD :)

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Not a problem.

Oh thanks for that. Cleared that mistake.

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Less than 2 hours till we begin the first Africa region event. Don’t forget to stop by!

Im opened GOBD. The event has begun.

Moving to DAAG opened until 1500Z

All Airports closed. See you in 1hr30 min

Hello! Just a reminder Atlanta’s ICAO code is KATL not KALT.

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Thanks for that

Im back in action everyone for the last session of the event. stop by for some patter work.

Open at GMMN until1730Z

On the final airport for this event everyone

Open TGS at DMMN

Thank you all who showed up to the event. I’d create a tag list unfortunately I lost all my replays

But you can mention you came by.


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