03MAR23: St. Thomas Flyout DEPARTED

Its okay
Its my wifi 😤

This other JetBlue is in my tail :/

Yea that’s bad

Cheers everyone! Enjoy your flights, and send pictures 🤪

Will do! Have a great flight everyone!

Make sure to check out my other events

You too! We won’t be too far from eachtoher!

I left 2 minutes ago and land in 10

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I have a 2 1/2 hour flight to Miami!

So during the flight since I already had dinner, I will just put my iPad on split screen and watch YouTube or Hulu lol!

@plane_guy12 enjoy your ✈️✈️🍊🍊🍊

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Short runway, almost stalled lol, I took off at only 140 knots!

I departed runway 10 and am landing runway 10

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That was super fun controlling for y’all!

Sorry for the slight delays, but that was the busiest I’ve had when controlling so far. 😂

We have a pretty similar route

I think I tail striked…

It looked good to me.

Just landed after 17 minutos

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Still climbing to FL360!

Hey everyone. If y’all could can you PM me with any suggestions on how my ATC could get better I would appreciate it!

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