03MAR21 / 2100Z - Air Force One Flight @ KADW-KJFK

  • Aircraft and Livery :
    1 air force one
    2-4 fighter jets for escort
    follow plane generic 777-200er
    1 generic 757

  • Route : KADW ->KJFK

  • Time of Departure :
    Spawn in at 20:45Z
    takeoff at 21:00-21:15Z

  • Server :

  • Additional Information:
    i will fly the 777

takeoff in this order Air force 1, fighter jets, 777

land in this order air force 1, 777, both runway 4L or 4R fighter jets will follow to jfk then fly 10nm and then land 22r or 22L

lets see if we can get active atc at andrews AFB and JFK

parking will be in an open space

He everyone today i am hosting a flight where we are going to fly the president from Andrews AFB to John F. Kennedy International Airport. We will fly the route below.

here is the order for take off ( all taking off 1L and 1R)

  1. Secret Service Generic 757
  2. Air Force One
  3. Fighter Jets Taking off parallel Runways
  4. Generic 777
  5. All other planes

Here is landing procedure

  1. 757 (4L or 4R)
  2. Air Force 1 (4L)
  3. 777 (4L or 4R)
  4. Fighter Jets will fly next to airforce 1 while landing and will continue flying and will lower speed and fly past KLGA and land 4R or 4L

To fly airforce 1 you must claim it in this topic


If it was later in the day, I would come. Sorry

its ok i would love to have you join next time. Im going to try to do something that works for est and pst next time

Comment if you are attending and claim your role

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