03JUN21 / 1730Z - US East Presents: From the Steel City to the Windy City @KPIT to KMDW


Source: List of bridges of Pittsburgh - Wikipedia

Welcome to one of the first ATC-based region events! And you read the title right - it's happening today! We will be taking you from Pittsburgh, the Steel City with its 446 (!!) bridges, to Chicago, the Windy City.

There are a couple reasons why this event is unique and that make it worth attending:
  • You are guaranteed full ATC service between KPIT and KMDW

  • No need to sign up for a gate or make your own flight plan - this is meant to resemble a flash flight (it is not an official flash flight) in the sense of it being quick and posted on short notice. We would, however, appreciate a comment if you are attending

  • The arrival into KMDW is a really cool RNAV approach with only a 4 mile final!

Flight Details

Route: KPIT - KMDW
Time: 1730Z - 1845Z
Aircraft: Southwest B737-800, Heart Livery
Cruise: FL320, M0.78
Flight Plan (charts are at the bottom in the “about” sections): KPIT BSV 4015N/8229W MAYZE NAPOL ASHEN BAGEL PANGG HALIE OLCYK TINLY H13CY APP KMDW

ATC Details
The controllers listed below will staff the event. Specific positions will be determined near the start of the event as to not reserve frequencies.
@Rob_M: Local/Radar
@AviationReports: Radar
@IF_Aviation1: Local
@Nee: Local
Maybe @Rhys_V: Local/Radar


  • Follow all ATC instructions - if you receive vectors, please leave your flight plan and follow the vectors
  • KMDW is a small airport with several intersecting runways packed right next to each other - please be aware of your surroundings and taxi professionally!

About KPIT

General info: Pittsburgh International Airport - Wikipedia
Procedures: There are no SIDs - aircraft will be vectored to the first fix on their flight plan after departing from the 28s
Ground Chart:

Source: Pittsburgh International Airport - Wikipedia

About KMDW

General Info: Midway International Airport - Wikipedia

From all of the US East controllers, we hope to see you there!

Note: This was approved by a moderator to be in #live:events

Edit: The title had the incorrect date.

We’ll be starting up soon and will have this route fully staffed!

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I’ll be inbound to Pittsburgh!

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