03JUN20 / 0230Z: Casper to Houston @ KCPR-KIAH

I am fixing to fly out of KCPR to KIAH. The total flight time is expected to be around 2hr 14min. I am planning on push-back at 9:30pm EST.

Hope to see you there!

Server: Expert

Departure Time: Today 9:45pm EST

Departure Airport: KCPR

Arrival Airport: KIAH

Projected Flight Time: 2:12

Aircraft/Airline: A321-200 - Delta

Flight Plan: Copy off @sstewartbw (me) in IF

Set this as group flights and it will tell you all you need. :)


If you need help with changing it to #live:groupflights, please let me know. I’ll be glad to help.

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Thank you very much! I changed it. :)


now just insert the info that it asks let me know if u need help


If anyone wants to watch me land an A321 feel free to visit KIAH in about 1hr. 20min. from now and I will be arriving! Cheers!

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