03JUL21 / 1200Z - Saudia Virtual Presents: The Mega Jeddah Fly-Out @ OEJN

Thank You

A big thank you to the following people who have participated in our first external event!

@AviatorJW @Dream @yash_raj1 @if.globall @ali_mujeeb @Twisted @askrdl @Umar @hari.shreyas @Air_Boss @WRL_Kubica @HUMVEE @Lautaro_Leiva @DhruvC @Mick0 @Captain_Dreamliner @Zaid_Nasri @ThatOneKiwi @IF.Maks @marcos44 @Jxshua @Fat_Albert_512 @Thor_Jensen @SeanAviation @Jaxsonsaviation @Jerome_J @lew1s_h02 @Project_Sunr1se @Gurhan_Hoskal @Manav_Suri @Bill_Deng @Susheel_Krishna @Raveesh @majhz @JRC_Adventures @sanketpandia @John_Ryan1 @Adrien_F @RhendyAvGeek @airball_15 @Gabriel_Gava @Lawin_S @Benrdutch @KJKLM281 @Daeng-E @Levi_Park @InfiniteAfrica @Alexian61 @PlaneLife2018 @Larerraven @Lion_50 @Julien_Narayanasawmy @Finley_a350 @Capt_Syafiq @Juiceinaglass @VirgilMapleYN @Shan_nnel @CaptainAli_yt @vinoalviano @Capt_Maverick @Capt_Lee @Khai_BorneoX @GhostCustoms shahhrasull @kk.aviation @Omkar_Rathi @Monty @AliAlex @LED_Aviation @AZVA393 @xvalespx @HappyDays @dereckyared14 @karl_iszler @zand3r @Hagas120703 @CPT_knick @AviatorNick15 @Mr_Young and all other pilots that we can’t tag 1 by 1. This event couldn’t be possible without you all!

And special thanks to all event partners who made this event more exciting!

Once again, thank you! We hope to see you all again at our next event on upcoming October 2021.

Event Statistics

Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 Total VA Partners
25 29 26 80 20

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