03JUL20 / 0330Z - GA FNF flight! @ RCTP - KLGB

This was a very rushed group flight! Hope you can come and enjoy the GA FNF.

  • Aircraft and Livery: Cessna Citation X

  • Route: RCTP - KLGB

  • Time of Departure: 2020-07-03T03:30:00Z

  • Server: Expert



Yeah, I might be able to attend.

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Sweet I will sign you up!

Do you have a Pm?

I will make one closer to departure

@Delta18, Can we even make it without running out of fuel?

Yes the citation actually can fly pretty far surprisingly.

We only have 11 hours.

Looks like fun, I wish I could join rip.

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It will I have been able to fly from New York to Tel Aviv in one this might be a little longer but we will be fine

We’ll be in the Air for about 6000nms

Yeah it will be a long journey for a citation

I’ll see you from the tower on arrival!

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@Thunderbolt im currently on the Apron. Do you see me? I should be parked on one of the Business Aprons.

I cant tonight, I am leaving early tomorrow morning. I can do tomorrow night tho!

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Currently at RCTP watching planes land in the sunrise.

Wait. It’s not even sunrise. It’s 10am… I must’ve had my time on Sunset…

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You know, Ima join in hell yeah, But I would like the 737 because #LiveCocpitsGANG

Alright you can use the 737

Ight, So 11:30? Well for me anyways

That is correct because you are EST correct?