03JAN21 / 1100Z- Doha to São Paulo! @ OTHH to SBGR

  • Aircraft and Livery: Qatar Airways B77W or A359

  • Route: Doha (OTHH) to São Paulo (SBGR)

  • Time of Departure: 2021-01-03T11:00:00Z

  • Server: Expert

Hey IFC! Join me, @Infiniteflight2 and @aryachopra for a flight from Doha to São Paulo, this flight is now flown with the A350 but i flew this route in real life in the B77W (2013 and 2014). Looking forward to see you guys later :)

  • Additional Information:

  • Please spawn in 10-15 mins before departure time

  • Copy flight plan from me @applepro243, Callsign is G-OOOD

  • Approximate flight time is 15hrs 20mins

  • Cruising altitude and speed is FL340 at Mach 0.85

  • Departing runway is 34R (May change)

  • Maintain 5-15nm spacing

  • 250kts until FL100 then 290kts until FL280 then proceed to cruise speed, VS- 1500fpm

  • Please use UNICOM responsibly

  • I will be parked at Concourse C Gate C07

Please respond if you are joining :)

Might join.

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oh rip want to join but I’m doing another flight currently… I’ll try join your next event cause the time is good for me.

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No problem see you next time :)

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@SimpleWaffles can you let @applepro243 know if you are joining or not soon?

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I will be parking at Concourse C Gate C07

@SimpleWaffles will you be joining us?

@applepro243 what plane will you be using?

I will be using the B77W you can choose either the B77W or A350

I’ll be joining, I will be using the Cessna 172

Just kidding, I’ll be using the 77W

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Lol you got me there Ill use a 77W too

Haha 😂 @Infiniteflight2 please add him to group chat :)

Ok illl add him to it

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Thank you :)

@SimpleWaffles i invited you to our PM

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