03JAN21 / 0230Z - Transport the President! @RJAA - KADW



Welcome to Transport the president as you know Air Force one is based at Joint Base Andrews. Joint Base Andrews is the hub on Sunday. The President needs your help to get home safely. The President will be departing from Tokyo Narita on January 3rd at approximately 2021-01-03T05:30:00Z. The president will need a decoy VC-25, Two KC-10s, two or more F-16s, Two or more F-22s, and one or more C-32s (757).

If you choose to fly an aircraft that does not have the range needed to complete this flight please be ready to refuel.

Aircraft Pilot Gate
VC-25 (Air Force One) @Delta18 Remote 505
VC-25 (Air Force One Heavy) Remote 504
KC-10 @tjb0709 Remote 503
KC-10 Remote 502
F-16 Remote 600S
F-16 Remote 601
F-22 Remote 600P
F-22 Remote 600N
C-32 Remote 501

More Gates can be added if necessary.

This very important flight will take place on the expert server!

Our flight will take us from Tokyo Narita to Joint Base Andrews. There will be a briefing closer to time of departure.

The president is scheduled to depart at 2021-01-03T02:30:00Z

Joint Base Andrews will have IFATC coverage during our arrival I am not responsible for any violations you may receive! so please fly responsible and fighter jets please maintain a responsible speed.


We are departing tonight!

If it wasn’t at 12:30 AM then I would participate.

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Yeah I picked a bad time for the east coast

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Yeah for sure.

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I would definitely come, but i’m on the TS right now

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@Chicago_Aviator, can you change time of event in the hope others might make it?
I will be k-10 (air tanker) remote 503

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Time change! 2021-01-03T02:30:00Z

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Departing in 15 minutes the president needs some fighters!

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Tokyo Narita? Not RJTT?

Oh yeah it’s from Narita

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What’s the plan?
Shall I just follow you behind?
And what’s the name for the air tanker? Sam?

You can use any usaf callsign we will cruise at fl350 cruise .84 copy my flight plan when I spawn in

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Ok I will spawn in 1 min

@AlaskaAirfireball111 what plane would you like?

Final call for pilots

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welcome @Infinite_Flight_Bra1

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Btw idk if I can join

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Welcome guys
Who go first?

I will meet up with you guys over us airspace, and will fly into the arrival airport with a 757, i just don’t know from where yet

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