03FEB20 / 1515Z - A Group Flight Through the Northwest US @ KPDX

Bombardier Q400

Departure–Portland international airport KPDX
Arrival–Seattle Tacoma KSEA

7:15am Pacific standard time
8:15am mountain standard time

We will have a cruising altitude of 12,000 ft

Hey Justin, great job with the title formatting. However, the Zulu conversion should read 1515Z. There are plenty of resources to help with the time conversion, which I can provide if necessary.

All fixed up for you.

I just fixed that. Thanks!

How do I find the resources?



I’m going to assume it’s the Alaska Dash-8, if we have it in the sim.

Yes, we will use Alaska airlines

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Would you like to join me?
It’s on the training server

Nah, I’m in school at the moment.

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