03FEB20 / 0045Z - A Group Flight Through Idaho @ KSUN

Who wants to JOIN Me?

Aircraft: TBM 950

Departure airport: Sun Valley Idaho KSUN
Arrival airport: Boise International airport KBOI

Departure Time 5:45pm MST

Additional information:
Our cruising altitude will be 10,000 ft, then 12,000.
We will have a cruise speed of 250 Knots.


Hello Justin, we communicated through PM yesterday, in which I provided assistance and asked you to take a look at the category guidelines in regards to title formation. If you are still confused or need assistance, please do not hesitate to ask me in that PM. Below, I’ve included what your title should look like, which you can edit your title to look like using the pencil icon.

03FEB20 / 0045Z - A Group Flight Through Idaho @ KSUN

Hi, i’m SO sorry.
If this is angering you, sorry.
How do I change the title?

There should be a little pencil by the title

Ok, thanks

dammit wish i could come i love flying through my home state.

Why can’t you?

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I would love for you join me!!

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What is your Name?

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i have to join a CAP meeting soon. If you want to participate though in more idaho flights i made a group flight thread back in july.

Project Idaho

What is the cap meeting?

Civil Air Patrol :)


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