03DEC22 | 1200Z | Flying In North America

A short flight from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to Chicago, Illinois. We will use narrow-body regional jets from American Airlines, United Airlines and Air Canada to fly this route. We also welcome virtual airlines from all over the world to sponsor and actively participate in this activity. We also hope that professional IFATC can provide high-quality air traffic control services.


Airline Suggestions:
American Airline
United Airline
Air Canada

Aircraft Suggestions
CRJ series

Server: Expert Server

Airport: CYYZ to KORD

Flight Time: About 1 hour 20 minutes

Time: 2022/12/3 12:00 Zulu (20:00 Beijng Time UTC+8)

Gate Assignments

Terminal 1

Gate Aircraft Airline Callsign User
Gate B22 E175 United United 838VA @zhuTwentySix
Gate B20 E175 United United 3594 @ZH9507
Gate B19 E175 United United 6161 @Nate_Studio
Gate B18
Gate B17
Gate B16

Terminal 3

Gate Aircraft Airline Callsign User
Gate 179
Gate 178
Gate 177
Gate 176
Gate 175
Gate 174 747-8 Transaero PIGGYWU @Piggywu

More gates will be open when needed

ATC User
Toronto Pearson ATIS
Toronto Pearson Ground
Toronto Pearson Tower
Toronto Pearson Departure
Chicago O’hare ATIS
Chicago O’hare Ground
Chicago O’hare Tower
Chicago O’hare Approach @Ray_Wang

City Introductions:


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I can take Toronto local.


Interesting o(^▽^)o, I’d like to fly, sign me up plz!(^з^)-☆


looking forward to it, so which ATC position do you want again?

Which means CYYZ GTS.

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oh thanks a lot for reminding

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I’m going to take O’hare approach, please.


Im sorry but what is this control position?


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oops, sorry it should be Toronto Departure, it shouldn’t be like that, correcting. Are you willing to control this position?

No, I’ll take and only takes O’hare approach.

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thanks, signing you up.

Can I do CRJ-200 for air canada

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of course you can, see you there then

Also, please utilise this feature when creating or/and posting an event.


Furthermore, rather than giving each individual PM in regard to their gate information, please add your assigned gate list to the main post. Thanks!

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oh thanks for helping, I thought we can’t do gate assignment at the moment

WHat do you mean?

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just forget something, btw, you’re free to choose your gate now
reminder: according to real life assignment

so…do you mind providing your aircraft, callsign etc. information plz?

Wait I might not be able to come beause I have an AAVA event that ends very close to the event.

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oh, that’s sad, but I hope you can enjoy your event at AAVA