03DEC2020 / 2200Z | North American Pilots Club Presents: Landing Competition @ TFFJ

Hello, and welcome to NAPCs’ first of many events. Our first is taking place on the beautiful island of St. Barths. Our first event is a landing competition tomorrow at 2200Z, we hope to see you there. Our next event will be a flyout out of the busiest airport in the world, Atlanta. But first, we must get through this one. All of the information is down below. Cheers!

Server: Expert

Airport: St Barthelemy - Gustaf III / TFFJ

Aircraft(s):TBM-930 or Cessna 208


Gustaf III is located on the tiny island of St. Barths located 13 nautical miles south of St. Maarten. The small hill prior to touchdown makes it one of the most difficult approaches in Infinite Flight, nonetheless, the world. Now, we would like to see which Infinite Flight Pilots has what it takes to put down the perfect landing at this difficult airport.


To sign up please provide your aircraft of choice, gate of choice, and callsign.

Gate Aircraft Callsign & Username
Gate 01 C208 @Butter_Boi
Gate 02 TBD @Murilo_Heindrich
Gate 03 C208 @Captainflight
Cargo 01 C208 @Aviation108
Cargo 02
Cargo 03
Cargo 04
GA 05
GA 06
GA 07
GA 08
GA 09
GA 10
GA 11
GA 12
Hanger TBM-930 NAPC001/@United2
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Good luck everyone! Unfortunately, I can’t come because life :(

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Event is in 6 hours!

Hi! I want participate this event 😁🛫 anything gate for me.

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I might be able to make it not sure it depends on when I land

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Put me down as a maybe, please. Any gate is fine. and ill use the 208

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I’ll come! Why would I not?

I’ll use the C208, GA12, LLL001.

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@Butter_Boi, @Captainflight, @Murilo_Heindrich, and @Aviation108 you are signed up!


Put me as a TBM

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Hey I think I cant make it not sure

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How close to the event time do you want us to spawn in?

Hello all, please spawn now. The host @United2 will be 10 minutes late do to time restrictions. @Butter_Boi will be temporary judge.


Are we going off smoothness?

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The format is above :)



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Everyone spawn now.

I’ll judge from where I parked until @United2 can come. You may taxi and takeoff to join the pattern once you’re at TFFJ.

I am here. Let the show begin. We can get some pics for our insta

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Everyone is now here. Let’s enjoy! Late signups are allowed.

I joined

Now that @United2 is here, I’m handing the position of judge to him.

Time to fly!