03DEC20 / 0000Z | The Perfect flight for the Baby Bus! @EHAM-EGLL

Welcome to this event! Today we will be flying from Amsterdam to London Heathrow using the British Airways A318-100.

Important Information!

Server: *Expert

Airport: *@EHAM (Amsterdam) to @EGLL (London Heathrow)

Time: *0000Z
Cruising Altitude- FL280

Cruising Speed- Mack .80

Fuel- Coming Soon

Flight Plan- Coming soon

ETE flight time- 25-30 minutes

Airbus A318-100

British Airways


Choose here

Gate D02- IFC Name
Gate D04- IFC Name
Gate D08- IFC Name
Gate D10- IFC Name
Gate D12- IFC Name
Gate D14- IFC Name
Gate D16- IFC Name
Gate D18- IFC Name
Gate D20- @ORD777flyer
Gate D22- @nolan_brant12
Gate D24- @Captain_T_Malone
Gate D26- IFC Name
Gate D28- IFC Name

(More Gates can be added if necessary)

Thanks for checking out, and joining my event! Im looking forward to having you all!

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Btw, im making this event for an epic infinite flight time lapse on YouTube for my Channel Nolan’s Aviation. The main purpose is to get tons of people so we can fill up all the assigned gates. I will be giving a shout out to all who join! So make sure to sign up because its gonna be awesome, and it will only take 45 minutes + a free shout out!

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Let’s get some people! Starts at 7PM eastern time!

7PM is 0000Z :)

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Thanks so much! Able to join?

Probably not. Sorry!

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I’ll take a gate

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Who else wants to come?

Rescheduled for tomorrow because of Flash Flight

Hey can I have D24?

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Yeah! Thanks for coming!

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I’m so sorry but I have to back out. Last min sorry 😢

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It’s alright. I’m not even home so I can’t even do it rn

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