03AUG24: British Isles Fly-Out | 1800Z-2200Z | Endorsed by IFVARB

Ryanair Virtual Group | TUI Virtual Group | IAG Virtual Group | Jet2 Virtual

Let us know if you are attending!

Note: Gate sections will be reserved and allotted to VAs, those pilots that do not have reserved gates are requested to fill in gates that are unreserved or wait for gates to empty.

Ryanair Virtual Group
Origin Destination Flight Time Aircraft
EGKK EINN 01:10 Ryanair B738
EGKK EICK 01:00 Ryanair B738
EGKK EIDW 01:00 Ryanair B738
EGKK LEAL 02:10 Ryanair B738
TUI Virtual Group
Origin Destination Flight Time Aircraft
EGKK LEAL 02:20 TUI B738
EGKK TLPL 08:45 TUI B788
EGKK LTFE 03:40 TUI B752
EGKK MMUN 10:20 TUI B789
IAG Virtual Group
Origin Destination Flight Time Aircraft
EGKK LEMG 02:50 BA A320/A321
EGKK LOWS 02:00 BA A320
EGKK LCPH 04:45 BA A320/A321
Jet2 Virtual
Origin Destination Flight Time Aircraft
EGKK ENBR 02:45 Jet2 Holidays B738
EGKK EFRO 03:10 Jet2 B73
EGKK LWSK 03:30 Jet2 Holidays B73

  • Our event is being hosted on the expert server, thus, it’s important that all participants maintain a high standard of flying and abide by all the rules of the expert server.
  • IFATC may be present, in which case, be sure to follow all ATC instructions also please use the traffic frequency to communicate with others in the absence of ATC.
  • Pilots not taking part as part of a VA may use any gates that have not been reserved by a VA below. Please give priority to those with reserved gates!
  • Ryanair Virtual, IAG Virtual, TUI Virtual & Jet2 Virtual are not responsible for any violations received during this event. Please contact appeals for violations you wish to have appealed.
  • Be respectful to all other pilots and most importantly HAVE FUN!

Attending VAs & Gate Allotments

From To VA Departure Time Gate Allotment
EGKK EINN @RyanairVirtualGroup 1800Z Remote Stand 130 - 145
EGKK ENBR @Jet2_Virtual 1800Z North Terminal Gate 554-574
EGKK LGIR @IAGVirtual 1800Z South Terminal Gate 31-38
EGKK EIDW @QatariVirtual 1800Z South Terminal Gate 10-27
EGKK LEAL @TUIVirtualGroup 1815Z North Terminal Gate 46-54

Endorsed by IFVARB

IFVARB Endorsed is a series where the IFVARB partners with a VA who has set up an intriguing and interesting event. This event has been specially selected for this endorsement and has the full support of the IFVARB. This endorsement is open to any event hosted on the IFC by a VA or VO. Look out for our stamp and our staff on this event and many for the future.

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TUI Ryanair IAG Jet2

Ryanair Virtual Group is not affiliated with Ryanair DLC or infinite flight. IAG Virtual Group is not affiliated with International Consolidated Airlines Group S.A. or infinite flight. Jet2 Virtual is not affiliated with Jet2.com Limited or infinite flight. TUI Virtual Group is not affiliated with TUI AG or infinite flight.

Thread by @headstock


Looking forward to this! Should be a great event.


CEO︱Jet2 Virtual


Should be a great collaboration of UK VA’s! See you all there!

Events Manager
IAG Virtual


Happy to announce that we will be joined by @QatariVirtual !


Good to see more airlines joining our amazing event! Look forward to seeing you there @QatariVirtual!

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We are happy to announce that our event has been endorsed by the IFVARB!