03AUG21 / 2000Z - The Great KSEA fly out @ KSEA_

This event will have ATC provided by @Kyle7223. Hello and welcome to the KSEA fly out! This event will feature Alaska airlines, Delta, and a few international routes.This event is on the expert server on august 3st. Spawn Time at 1940Z pushback at 2000z[

KSEA Wikipedia ](Seattle–Tacoma International Airport - Wikipedia)

Alaska airlines

KSEA to KMSO-Q400-gateQ8
KSEA to KYVR-Q400-gateC10
KSEA to KBOI-Q400-gateQ10
KSEA to KPDX-Q400-GateQ12
KSEA to KGEG-Q400-gateQ13
KSEA to KWAL-Q400-gateQ14
KSEA to KMFR-Q400-gateQ15-@AIDAN101
KSEA to KBZN-Q400-gateQ16-@NathonD

KSEA to KJFK-737-800-gateN1
KSEA to KMCO-737-900-N2-@Tom_Jennings
KSEA to KDFW-737-900-More To Love-N3-@RyMan
KSEA to KTPA-737-900-gateN4
KSEA to KFLL-737-900-gateN5
KSEA to KSFO-737-800-gate n6
KSEA to KLAX-A320-200-gateN7-@MD-11man
KSEA to KSAN-737-900-gateN8-@Aviatorwyatt
KSEA to PANC-737-900-gateN9-@Antoniobig25

American Airlines
GateD1 American 737-800 | KSEA-KSFO:
gateD2 American 737-800 | KSEA-KDEN
GateD3: American 757-200 | KSEA-KDAL-
gateD4: American A321 | KSEA-KPHL-@Aniket
GateD7: American MD-11| KSEA-KMIA
GateD8: American 767-300 | KSEA-KLAS

KSEA to KATL-757-200-gateA2-@CaptainE
KSEA to KJFK-767-300-gateA1-@Planecrazy747
KSEA to KLAX-737-900-gateA3-@Merge_Editz
KSEA to KSFO-737-800GateA11-andrew_fo609
KSEA to KTPA—737-800-gateA5-
KSEA to KMCO-737-900-gateA6
KSEA to KMSP-737-900-gateA7
KSEA to KPHX-A320-200-gateA8-@plane_guy12
KSEA to KYVR-737-900-gateA10
KSEA to PHKO-757-200gateA4-
KSEA to KCVG-737-900gateA12

International routes
KSEA to EDDF- Luftansa a350-900-gateS1-@Ikaika_Boi808
KSEA to RJTT-delta a330-300-gateS2-@Capt.hima
KSEA to RKSI-Korean air 777-200ER-gateS3
KSEA to EGLL-777-300ER-British airways-gateS5-@schloopy91
KSEA to EHAM-Delta A330-gateS7-CaptSirKyle
KSEA to EIDW-Air lingus A330-gateS8-@AlaskaAirfireball111
KSEA to RJTY/RJSM-omni air 777-200ER-gateS12-@Jetcentric

I hope to see you all in the rain city Seattle


Lets get some sign ups

I’d like to join! May I please have the gate to BZN?

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Sure! Signing you up right now

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Welcome to the KSEA fly out!

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Thanks for signing me up!

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May I have this gate please?

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Yeah sure!

ill take this gate good sir.

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Welcome to the KSEA fly out

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Can i get this one pls?

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You are now signed up:)

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Can I have this one?

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Your signed up:)

Thank you!

Also what’s the time to spawn in EST Timezone?

The pushback time Eastern time should be at 2PM and Pacific time 11AM so spawn at 1:40PM eastern time

I can be ATIS, ground and tower if you need it still

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That would be great!

I wanna do this! Can I get the N7 A320 KSEA-KLAX?

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