03AUG20 / 2000Z - Lets fill San Francisco flyout! @ KSFO

Anyone else?

Can I get the plane to vidp since ai operates this route

Yes you may it is a B777-200LR out of G91

ok I will take it thank you

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Can I get United 777 to guam

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Both of you may

Can I have gate F73?

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Sorry cant make it

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@Finley_Skaggs sure!
@Captainflight ok

Can I have F75 to MIA?

Ok, thanks.

Any chance I could take a gate for jetBlue to Ft. Lauderdale (KFLL)?

@T.Malone yes you may
@I-am-the-captain-now JetBlue doesn’t fly to fll from sfo.

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Can I get F82 to KORD?

I’m pretty sure they do. Worldwide virtual says they do. And I just flew KSFO to KFLL on jetBlue in January this year. My dad just saw it on the board at FLL too yesterday.

Can I get this one? Thanks!

Yeah it’s definitely one of their routes; I got a chance to fly that route about a year ago in their mint cabin (SFO-FLL) and it was awesome.

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Can I take this please

Never seen it and I live in SF. But you may have it anyways because of the pushback. @Stellar_G and @fkmtkuo you guys both want the same thing can you work something out? @Canadian_Aviator you may!


Thank you!

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