03AUG20 / 2000Z - Lets fill San Francisco flyout! @ KSFO

This is a KSFO flyout!! (I think we know what that means!) its party time!! (Yeah not funny…)

Server: Expert server (will be official day of event)

Airport KSFO San Francisco international

Time 2020-08-03T20:00:00Z


Terminal 1 (Southwest, Alaska, Frontier

B22 SWA B738 to KSAN:
B23 SWA B738 to KLAS:
B24 SWA B737 IL one to KLAX:
B25 SWA B738 to KDEN:
B26 SWA B737 to KBUR:
B27 SWA B737 Shamu to KPHX:
B28 FFR A321 to KDEN: @sstewartbw

C40 ASA E175 to KSNA:
C41 ASA A320 to KPDX:
C42 ASA A320 to KLAX:
C43 ASA E175 to KRNO:
C44 ASA E175 to KPSP:
C45 ASA B738 to KDEN:
C46 ASA B738 to KSAN:
C47 ASA A321 to KJFK:
C48 ASA B738 to KDAL:

Terminal 2 American, Alaska, Delta

D50 DAL A319 to KLAX @Mexinschweiz
D51 DAL B739 to KMSP @anon48289827
D52 ASA B739 to PHKO
D53 ASA B739 to PHOG
D54 ASA B738 to KSEA
D55 ASA A320 to KPHX
D56 AAL B738 to KPHX
D57 AAL A330 to KCLT
D58 AAL E175 to KLAX
D59 AAL B738 to KDFW

Terminal 3 United

E60 UAL B738 NL to KLAX @PilotChrisSG
E61 UAL B738 to PHLI @Captain-787
E62 UAL A320 to KSEA @Bmoney326
E63 UAL B738 to KDFW
E64 UAL B738 NL to CYVR
E65 UAL B739 to PHKO
E66 UAL A320 to KPDX
E67 UAL A320 to KLAS
E68 UAL B738 NL to KPHX @Furwani
E69 UAL A320 to KSLC
F70 UAL B738 NL to KPSP @Smitty824
F71 UAL A320 to KMCI @Bobby_Burg
F72 UAL A320 to KAUS
F73 UAL B738 NL to CYYC @Finley_Skaggs
F74 UAL A320 to KABQ
F75 UAL B739 to KMIA @T.Malone 76 UAL E170 to KMFD
F77 UAL E175 to KBUR
F78 UAL E175 to KSNA @Populeux_Music
F79 UAL E175 to KEUG
F80 UAL B772 to PHNL @ORD777flyer
F81 UAL B752 to KEWR
F82 UAL B772 to KORD @fkmtkuo
F83 UAL B739 to KATL
F85 UAL B752 to KBOS
F86 UAL B739 to KRDU
F87 UAL B738 to KPHL
F88 UAL B738 to KCLT
F89 UAL B772 to PGUM @Bryan
F90 UAL B772 to KORD @Stellar_G

Star alliance intl

G91 UAL B772 to EGLL
G92 UAL B789 to LLBG
G94 UAL B789 to LSZH
G95 SIN A359 to WSSS
G96 ANA B772 to RJTT @ran 97
UAL B772 to EGLL
G98 DLH A359 to EDDM
G99 CCA B748 to ZBAA @CPT_Bambi
G100 DLH A388 to EDDF
G101 UAL B78X to RJAA
G102 ANZ B789 to NZAA

Other (+ASA to Mexico, JetBlue

A1 ASA B739 to MMMX
A2 ASA A320 to MMPR
A3 JBU A321 to KJFK
A4 EIN A330 to EIDW
A5 JBU A321 to KFLL @I-am-the-captain-now
A6 NAX B789 to EGKK
A7 QFA B789 to YSSY
A8 SWA B737 to MMPR
A9 QFA B789 to YMML
A10 AFR B77W to LFPG
A11 KLM B789 to EHAM
A12 WJA B738 to CYVR @Canadian_Aviator

GA (Spawn anywhere in area)

1: @OrcaKid TBM9



I’ll fly a 777-200 down to HNL


You got it!


I’ll take this gate


Nice Thread!


I’ll take feta to MSP


@Captain-787 you got it!
@Jan_W thank you!
@anon48289827 it’s all yours!

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D55 is a Asa a320 to phx. Not a united gate. Plus United flies the 320 and 737-800 there. I can get you on the United a320 to sea? Or possible the Asa 320 to Phx there?

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The United 320 to sea? If so I will get you in instead of the 737 I have on there.

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Yes the 320 to sea

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You got it you’re e62

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Thank you much!

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No problem. Anytime

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Thank you man

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No problem

Anyone else

Can I get a United to SNA?

I’ll happily take this gate!

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@Populeux_Music you got it
@sstewartbw yes sir

Anyone else?