03APR22 / 2000Z - The Canadian Spirit - Calgary Flyout @CYYC

Calgary International Airport was fortunate enough to receive 3D buildings in 22.2. For this reason, Canada’s main airlines have joined together once again to show off the Canadian spirit the community has. Calgary is WestJet’s base of operations. Partnered with Air Canada Virtual, we are both proud to present this event for everyone to love! See below for the gate reservations and event details

Time: 2022-04-03T20:00:00Z


Terminal Gates
Concourse A
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Attendee
1 DH8D WestJet Encore Yellowknife (CYZF) @CanadianNorth
2 DH8D WestJet Encore Edmonton (CYEG)
3 DH8D WestJet Encore Saskatoon (CYXE)
4 DH8D WestJet Encore Abbotsford (CYXX)
5 DH8D WestJet Encore Grand Prairie (CYQU)
6 DH8D WestJet Encore Penticton (CYYF)
11 B738 WestJet Toronto (CYYZ)
13A DH8D WestJet Encore Comox (CYQQ)
12 B737 (B734) Air North Whitehorse (CYXY)
14 B789 WestJet Toronto (CYYZ) @CaptainE
15B B738 WestJet Toronto (CYYZ)
16 DH8D WestJet Encore Fort St. John (CYXJ)
17 B737 WestJet Regina (CYQR)
18 DH8D WestJet Encore Kamloops (CYKA)
19 B738 WestJet Montreal (CYUL)
20 B738 (MAX) Flair Airlines Waterloo (CYKF)
21A DH8D WestJet Encore Brandon (CYBR)
22 B737 WestJet Ottowa (CYOW)
23A B738 WestJet Victoria (CYYJ)
24 B737 WestJet Vancouver (CYVR)

Concourse B
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Attendee
31A DH8D Air Canada Nanaimo (CYCD)
32 B738 WestJet Vancouver (CYVR) @ILOVE7879-2.0
33 B737 WestJet Victoria (CYYJ)
34 B737 WestJet Fort MacKay (CYFI)
35A B737 WestJet Kelowna (CYLW)
36 B737 WestJet Vancouver (CYVR) @Infinite_Qantas
37 B789 Air Canada Toronto (CYYZ)
38 DH8D WestJet Encore Edmonton (CYEG)
39 CRJ9 Air Canada Express Winnipeg (CYWG)
40 Dh8D Air Canada Express Winnipeg (CYWG)

Concourse C
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Attendee
50 A321 Air Canada Toronto (CYYZ) @Ashton_Earhart
51 A223 Air Canada Vancouver (CYVR) @centauridr
52 DH8D Air Canada Express Fort McMurray (CYMM)
53 DH8D Air Canada Express Edmonton (CYEG)
54 DH8D Air Canada Express Saskatoon (CYXE) @JuJu5_55
55A DH8D Air Canada Express Yellowknife (CYZF)
56 B738 (MAX) Air Canada Vancouver CYVR)
57 A223 Air Canada Montreal (CYUL) @CR3W
58 DH8D Air Canada Express Regina (CYQR)
59 DH8D Air Canada Express Kelowna (CYLW)

Remote Stands (opposite concourse)

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Attendee
61 TBM9/SF34 WestJet Link Medicine Hat (CYXH)
62 TBM9/SF34 WestJet Link Lloydminster (CYLL)
63 TBM9/SF34 WestJet Link Cranbrook (CYXC)
64 TBM9/SF34 WestJet Link Lethbridge (CYQL)
65 TBM9/SF34 WestJet Link Cranbrook (CYXC)

Concourse D & E (International)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Attendee
70A B737 WestJet Puerto Vallarta (MMPR)
71 CRJ9 Air Canada Express San Francisco (KSFO)
72A B737 WestJet Las Vegas (KLAS) @Ecoops123
73 B737 WestJet New York (KJFK)
74B B789 Air Canada Frankfurt (EDDF) @Harrison_EGLL
76 DC10 Canadian Airlines Tokyo Narita (RJAA) @giuliohck
78B B789 WestJet London Gatwick (EGKK) @MiglMicheal
80B B789 Air Canada London Heathrow (EGLL) @Kat
82 A319 Delta Minneapolis (KMSP)
83A B738 United Denver (KDEN)
84B B789 WestJet London Heathrow (EGLL)
86 A320 American Airlines Dallas Fort Worth (KDFW) @RyMan
87A B737 WestJet Santa Ana (KSNA)
88B DC10 Canadian Airlines Las Vegas (KLAS) @flyinggoosey
91B B789 Air Canada London Heathrow (EGLL) @AviatorJake
92 B737 WestJet Atlanta (KATL)
94 B738 WestJet Los Angeles (KLAX)
95A E175 Delta Connection Salt Lake City (KSLC)
96A CRJ9 Air Canada Express Los Angeles (KLAX)
97 DH8D WestJet Encore Seattle (KSEA) @MJP_27
97A CRJ9 Air Canada Express Phoenix (KPHX)

Cargo flights

Calgary’s use of cargo aircraft are mostly aircraft that do not contain cargo liveries. Feel free to slightly alter the aircraft used, or fly generic.

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Attendee
701 ATR-72/DH8D FedEx Saskatoon (CYXE)
702 B763 FedEx Memphis (KMEM)
703 B763 FedEx Memphis (KMEM)
704 B752 FedEx Vancouver (CYVR)
705 B752 FedEx Vancouver (CYVR)
706 B752 Fedex Toronto (CYYZ)
707 B752 Fedex Toronto (CYYZ)
708 B763 UPS Sioux Falls (KFSD)
709 B763 UPS Louisville (KSDF)
900 B763 CargoJet Hamilton (CYHM)
901 B763 CargoJet Edmonton (CYEG)
912 B763 CargoJet Edmonton (CYEG)
903 B752 CargoJet Winnipeg (CYWG) @CaptainRex_Aviation
905 B763 CargoJet Cincinnati (KCVG)
908 B763 CargoJet Cincinnati (KCVG)

GA and Corporate Apron

Flights are custom from any other gate at the airport excluding the de-ice ramps. If signing up for a flight from one of the non-terminal or cargo stands/gates, please include the name of the spawn you wish to depart from.

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Attendee
Remote Stand E192 Citation X N/A KHLN @Kansas_Scotty

Please let us know of any flight you wish us to add for your participation!


Frequency Controller
Ground @JSRibs28
Tower @JSRibs28
ATIS @JSRibs28


I want to be with @Infinite_Qantas


I’ll head to Toronto please!

Callsign: WestJet 002VG

WestJet Virtual COO


I’ll take this one please.


|1|DH8D|WestJet Encore|Yellowknife (CYZF)

Back to my Hometown Please

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Thanks everyone! All the members above have been signed up. :)

I’ll take this one,
CJT566/W8566 flies the B752 on this route so I would like to fly it if possible.

All good, and all yours! See you at the flyout! 😄

May I have this flight?

Sure thing! See you at the event!

This one please!

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I would like to fly a CitationX to KHLN, spawning into De-ice Ramp East 3B. Kansas_Scotty [N145FP].

Sorry, I misread “excluding” De-ice ramps. What slot would be good for me?

Can I have this route

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Any GA start location exlcuding the de-ice start locations are all good!

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OK. How about Remote Stand E192? CitationX to KHLN.

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Hi. Can I get concourse C, gate 51 please. AC A223 to CYVR

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I will take this gate as Air Canada 105VA.

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Would love this gate, please!

Thanks for setting up this event, for a wonderfully done new 3D airport!

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Can I have this one?

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