03APR21 / 2000Z - [COMPLETED] - A Mile High Flyout @ KDEN

Welcome to Denver!

Hi IFC! Welcome, welcome, and welcome again to my SECOND EVER flyout! After a very successful event at the Oakland Airport, (thanks again to all who joined), we take a trip over the Rockies to a very special airport - Denver International. This will be a flyout event, and I have plenty of gates (of all types), ready to be flown out of on some cool jets! Enjoy!

Event Info:

Server: Expert

Airport: Denver INTL

Time: 2021-04-03T19:00:00Z

Sponsored by @UnitedVirtual!

Airlines and Terminals

Concourse A


Air Canada


British Airways











Concourse B

United (Exclusively)

Concourse C





Concourse A
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot
A26 Detroit Delta 738
A27 Atlanta Delta A321/B739
A28 Cincinnati Delta B738
A29 Los Angeles Delta B739
A30 Seattle-Tacoma Delta B739
A31 New York - JFK Delta B739
A32 Memphis Frontier A320/A321
A33 London - Heathrow British Airways B772 @Agenor_ROUPIE_SAFRON
A34 Nashville Frontier A320/A321
A35 Mexico CIty Aeromexico B737
A36 Las Vegas Frontier A320/A321
A37 Frankfurt Lufthansa A330
A38 Ft. Lauderdale Frontier A320/A321
A39 Toronto - Pearson Air Canada A321
A40 Oakland Frontier A320/A321
A41 Zurich Edelweiss A330
A42 Miami Frontier A320/A321
A44 Indianapolis Frontier A320/A321
A45 New York - JFK jetBlue A321
A46 San Diego Frontier A320/A321
A47 Calgary Westjet B737
A48 New York - JFK American B738
A49 Charlotte American A321
A50 Los Angeles American B738/A321
A51 Philadelphia American B738/A321
A53 Miami American B738/A321
A54 Seattle-Tacoma Frontier A320/A321
A60 -
A62 -
A63 -
A64 -
A65 -
A71 Chicago O’Hare United A320
A72 Cincinnati United CRJ700
A73 Aspen United Express CRJ200/700
A74 Ft. Meyers United A320
A75 Austin United B737
A76 San Jose (CA) United B738
A77 Billings United A320
A78 Baltimore United A320
A79 Santa Barbara United B738
A80 Vancouver United A320
A81 San Antonio United A320
A82 Boston United B757
A83 Los Angeles United B739
A84 Spokane United A320
A85 Cancun United B738
A86 Tampa United B738
A87 Portland United A320 @Da-la_nay
Concourse B
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot
B7 Anchorage United B757 @The_Real_Plane_Spott
B8 Seattle-Tacoma United A320/737
B9 Newark United B757 @Daniel_Christensen
B10 San Francisco United B757 @zand3r
B11 Indianapolis United Express CRJ700
B12 Chicago O’Hare United A320
B15 Miami United A320
B16 Detroit United A320
B17 Ft. Lauderdale United B738 @Captain_T_Malone
B18 Honolulu United B757 @Tyduz
B20 San Diego United B739 @CaptainRyan
B21 Houston-Intercontinental United B739/B757
B22 Tampa United B737
B23 Memphis United A320
B24 Albuquerque United Express CRJ200
B25 Puerto Vallarta United A320
B26 Minneapolis/St. Paul United B738
B27 Sioux Falls United Express CRJ700
B28 Madison United CRJ200
B29 Phoenix/Sky Harbor United B738
B31 Billings United A320
B32 Tokyo-Narita United B789 @Fat_Albert_512
B35 Toronto-Pearson United B738
B36 Los Angeles United B772 @Jack_Q
B37 Vancouver United B739
B38 London-Heathrow United B772/B789
B39 Reno/Tahoe United B738
B41 Orlando United B738 @nativetoalaska
B42 Frankfurt United B789
B43 Oklahoma City United Express E175/CRJ200
B44 Washington-Dulles United B739
B45 Atlanta United B738
B46 Las Vegas United B739 @Antoniobig25
B47 Norfolk United Express E175/CRJ200
B48 Dallas/Ft. Worth United Express CRJ700
B49 Richmond United B737
B50 Bozeman United E175/CRJ200
B51 Santa Barbara United B737
B52 Jacksonville United CRJ700
B53 New Orleans United CRJ700
B54 Omaha United E175/CRJ200
B55 Pittsburg United E175/CRJ200
B56 Salt Lake City United B738
B57 Kona United B757 @Rylan_S1
B58 Huntsville United E175/CRJ200
B59 Flagstaff United E175/CRJ200
B60 Boise United A320
B61 Aspen United CRJ200/700
B63 Amarillo United E175/CRJ200
B65 Cheyanne United CRJ200
B67 Palm Springs United Express B738
B69 Lubbock United E175/CRJ200
B71 Memphis United E175/CRJ200
B73 Rock Springs United E175/CRJ200
B77 Kalispell United Express E175/CRJ200
B79 Fargo United Express E175/CRJ200
B80 Colorado Springs United Express E175/CRJ200
B81 Little Rock United Express E175/CRJ200
B82 Raleigh/Durham United Express E175/CRJ200
B83 Columbus-Glenn United Express E175/CRJ200
B84 Tulsa United Express E175/CRJ200
B85 Ontario United Express E175/CRJ200
B86 Milwaukee United Express E175/CRJ200
B87 New York - LaGuardia United A320
B88 Tucson United Express E175/CRJ200
B89 Monterey United Express E175/CRJ200
B90 Durango United Express CRJ200
B91 Norfolk United Express CRJ200
B92 Grand Rapids United Express CRJ700
B93 Burbank United Express E175
B94 Des Moines United Express E175/CRJ700
B95 Dayton United Express E175
Concourse C
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot
C23 Oakland Southwest B737/B738
C24 Long Beach Southwest B737/B738
C25 New York - LaGuardia Southwest B737/B738 @WilsonLYT
C26 Little Rock Southwest B737/B738
C27 Indianapolis Southwest B737/B738 @BoeingPlane
C28 Des Moines Southwest B737/B738
C29 Fresno Southwest B737/B738
C30 Las Vegas Southwest B737/B738
C31 Houston-Hobby Southwest B737/B738 @SWA1997
C32 Portland Southwest B737/B738 @airplaneboi
C33 San Diego Southwest B737/B738
C34 Kansas City Southwest B737/B738
C35 Dallas-Love Southwest B737/B738
C36 Memphis Southwest B737/B738
C37 Seattle-Tacoma Southwest B737/B738
C39 Seattle-Tacoma Alaska B738/B739
C40 Hartford Southwest B737/B738
C41 Washington-Dulles Southwest B737/B738
C42 Philadelphia Southwest B737/B738
C43 San Francisco Southwest B737/B738
C44 Puerto Vallarta Southwest B737/B738
C45 Los Angeles Southwest B737/B738
C46 Palm Springs Southwest B737/B738
C47 Columbus - Glenn Southwest B737/B738
C48 Austin Spirit A321/A320
C49 Nashville Southwest B737/B738
C50 Orlando Spirit A321/A320
C51 Chicago - Midway Southwest B737/B738

Notams to Attendees:

  • If IFATC is present, please be respectful and follow directions
  • If not, use the unicom responsibly
  • A PM will be sent to all attendees prior to the event - check your inbox!
  • aaaaaaaaaaand last but not least: Have fun!

I hope to see you there!


I’ll take this route! With the 757 please. :)

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I would like this one pls
I am with SWVA and I have A-List Preferred Bronze


@zand3r @SWA1997 thanks for signing up! You both have been added!

I’ll take this one, but do you mind changing the A/C to the 738?

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Thank you Can’t wait

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Sure! You have been added, and the aircraft has been changed. Thanks for joining!

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May I take B57 United? But can I change my destination to Kona instead of Kahului?

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Can I have this gate

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Hi ! Can I take gate A33 please ?

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Can I have B23 to MEM?

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I wish I could make this one, but im gonna be out of town:(

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@Rylan_S1 @Agenor_ROUPIE_SAFRON @Captain_T_Malone @zion89 you all have been added! Thank you all for joining!


Thank you @The_Real_Plane_Spott

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Thank you !

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Just over a week until the event! Keep the signups coming!

May I take a southwest west flight to Indianapolis?

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Sure! You have been added! Thanks for joining!

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I’ll grab B36 to LAX!

Sign me up with this gate

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