02SEP21 / 2200Z Inter Island Fun @ NTAA-NTBB

  • Aircraft and Livery: Q-400 Infinite Flight and Generic TBM-930 All Liveries C-172 All Liveries X-CUB All Liveries Cessna Citation All Liveries

  • Route: NTAA-NTBB

  • Time of Departure: 2200Z

  • Server:Expert

  • Additional Information:
    Only Q-400 park at gates all other aircraft park at GA stands or hangars
    Estimated Flight Time of 1 hour or less depending on aircraft

Please comment below if you want to join

Please someone join

I will join

How long till pushback?


@Olegend049 1hour and 7min

Ok I’ll fly with you

What plane

I think I will go private Cessna citron livery

What are you going to fly?

I actually change to dash800 island Air

A TBM or Q-400

Ok yeah I’m doing Q400

Ok Q-400 it is

Actually you want to start now

Yeah sure I’m at the gate

@Olegend049 What gate you at

Gate 2 at NTAA

I will copy your flight plan