02OCT22 / 1100Z / RNAS Culdrose Air Day @ EGDR

Hello All,

I am hosting the RNAS Culdrose Air Day 2022. This is a one day airshow consisting of a 5 hour flying display starting at 1100Z. The morning before the show starts will be an arrivals morning so spectators and participants can arrive should they choose too.

Date: Sunday 2nd October 2022
Start time: 1100Z
Location: Rnas Culdrose ( EGDR)
Server: Casual
Runway information: RWY 12/30 in use. RWY 25/07 & RWY 18/36 Closed.


Spectators are asked to watch from the south side of the airfield. There are two runways that are in the static area. These will be closed so will available for spectators to park on. Please park within the area highlighted in the image.

Please park on the north side of the airfield. There will not be any assigned gates for participants.

• F18 solo (@morgan99)
• TBM 930 French Air & Space Force (@lhr_pilot )
• VFA-31 F-18e demo (@Ken_wei )
• Spitfire demo (@InfiniteFlightNewark )
• Airbus A350 Demo (@morgan99 )
• CF18 Demo (@AirCanada11 )
• Swiss F18 (@SunDown )

Every type of aircraft is welcome. When signing up, please state the aircraft to be used, and how long your display will last. This will mean I can plan a timetable for participants.

Hope to see you there!


My attendance is confirmed just deciding an aircraft

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Ok aircraft decided:

France - Air Force
Around 15 minute display


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Nice choice! A little forgotten gem on infinite flight these days!

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yes very much :)

Hopefully lots of people sign up here 🙂

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Yeah i hope so too!

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i noticed since vRIAT a lot of airshows have cropped up lol

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Yeah😂 It’s good to see, we had a year or two of barely any airshows so nice to see them returning.

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What livery F18 are you flying 👀

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Undecided yet. Hear me out here, I have been working up a display for the F18 for future shows that incorporates some moves from the Swiss F18 display, the Belgian F16 display and the RAF Typhoon display into a display that hopefully wows the crowds🤞

I made up my own display lol

I wish this was in IF 😞

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Yeah same here, alongside the Spanish and Finnish too 😔

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we could use the generic scheme

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Here is the link for the discord servee should anyone want to join.

May I bring my spitfire demo?


Sure can! How long will your display last?

I’ll bring in my VFA-31 F-18e demo which will last 20 minutes at max

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You are confirmed! See you there

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