02OCT2022 | 0400Z | SoCal adventures @KLGB. DEPARTED

Hello IFC! Please allow myself @United403 and my friends @Butter575, @Klas892, @AirCanada11, and @Avaitor1 to welcome you to Stunning Long Beach California! Located South of Bustling Los Angelas, Long Beach is know for the Historic Queen Mary Ocean Liner, amazing Seafood, and of course the historic 1940s terminal!

Event info
Training server
0400Z, 6pm mst
Long Beach airport KLGB

Terminal Gates FULL

|01|Southwest|737-700|Phoenix || @RagonDragon
|02|Breeze |A220-300|San Jose SJC || @United403
|03|Southwest |737-800|San Jose || @Pilot_Fish123
|04|Delta |E170|Salt Lake City || @flyin_hawaiian
|05|Southwest |737-700|Reno|| @Generic_Flyer
|06|Southwest |737-800|San Jose|| @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek
|07|Southwest |737-700|Las Vegas || @NvAviator
|08|Southwest |737-700|Las Vegas || @Klas892
|09|Southwest |737-800|San Jose || @Avaitor1
|10|Southwest |737-700|Denver || @AirCanada11
|11|Hawaiian |A321|Honolulu ||

Cargo Gates FULL

|UPS 01|UPS|A330-200F|Louisville|| @Chris_Hansen
|UPS 02|United|B757-200|San Francisco|| @Apple_Haye
|UPS 03|UPS|MD-11F|Louisville| @Ikaika_Boi808

If anyone wants to help, ATC is greatly appreciated!

Ground @Avaitor1
Tower @Avaitor1
Departure @IFMetier
LAX center
OAK center


Thanks to @Butter575 for Sponcoring this event!!! Go check out his Massive event in Beautiful San Jose California on October 15th!



I’ll take G&T! Can’t wait for this

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I’ll take this please

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May I get this please

Can we do it Saturday?

Take that to a dm

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I’ll take this one!!


Sowthwest to Den


I changed the time for this event. Please repress going

Can I please fly the southwest B737 up to KOAK with gate 5 please? Thank you!

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Gate 5 is already taken. Would you like anything another?

It seems you have beat me to it.

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Anything I can take to Vegas?

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You can actually take G&T, I’m not sure if I can make it

@United403 ill take this one for now

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I got u @Butter575 for San Jose and you @AmericanB772 for vegas

Wait what?

Isn’t it @NvAviator

I added another Vegas flight

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