02NOV20 / 0100Z - EVA Virtual Presents: 台北市 to New York | @RCTP |

EVA Virtual Present

你好! Hello! Welcome to the City of Azaleas!

Welcome to Taipei! Today, we will be flying to New York as a long-haul. With the recent release of the open beta for community members, the 777-300ER is the perfect aircraft for the journey. We will be flying with a large group of EVA 777-300ERs. Planned as a beautiful overnighter passing over Japan, Northwestern United States, and the Great Lakes, this will be an interesting flight for all participating pilots. Time to familiarize ourselves with the departure and arrival airports.

Taipei Taoyuan International Airport - 台北桃园机场

Taoyuan International Airport (TPE), as Taiwan’s gateway to the world, is one of the busiest airports in Asia in terms of international passenger and cargo traffic.

Located at the heart of the Asia-Pacific region, TPE is a major Asian hub with an average flying time of just 175 minutes to the five largest airports in Asia - shorter than any other major airport. In 2019, TPE handled more than 48 million passenger traffic, offering flights to 167 cities in 34 countries, including 53 destinations in China.

New York John F. Kennedy International Airport - 纽约机场

John F. Kennedy International Airport southeast of Lower Manhattan. It is the busiest international air passenger gateway to the United States, handling more international traffic than any other airport in North America making it the 12th busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger traffic.

Serving as a medium-sized cargo hub as well as a major passenger hub, John F. Kennedy Airport is enjoyed greatly by the locals. Soon to host the world’s longest flight (Singapore to New York), Kennedy is anything but average.

The Event - 事件

This event will be a long-haul flight from Taipei Taoyuan International Airport (RCTP) to New York (KJFK).

Event Details

Server: Expert
Aircraft: EVA and China Airlines 777-300ER
Time: 2020-11-02T02:00:00Z

In the event that IFATC is present at the event, I am not responsible for any ghostings.
Maintain at least 10nm social distancing (Yes, I said it) from the aircraft in front of you.
Have fun! :D

Gates - 门口

EVA Airways Gates

Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Attendee EVA Virtual + Partners?
C1 EVA Airways New York JFK Boeing 777-300ER @Pingu
C2 EVA Airways New York JFK Boeing 777-300ER @ORD777flyer
C3 EVA Airways New York JFK Boeing 777-300ER @DeltaFox
C4 EVA Airways New York JFK Boeing 777-300ER @Austrian001
C5 EVA Airways New York JFK Boeing 777-300ER @charrison
C6 EVA Airways New York JFK Boeing 777-300ER @aryachopra
C7 EVA Airways New York JFK Boeing 777-300ER @Huzefa_Bohri
C8 EVA Airways New York JFK Boeing 777-300ER @Captain-787
C9 EVA Airways New York JFK Boeing 777-300ER @ILOVE7879-2.0
C10 EVA Airways New York JFK Boeing 777-300ER


EVA Virtual

Welcome, pilot, to the world of EVA Air Virtual! This world is unlike any other than you have experienced, due to the fact that we’re not a legacy airline and we serve the Asian, European and North American continents all from Taiwan! We serve over sixty-four (64) destinations, with multiple routes to different cities in each destination. We have over seven (7) aircraft variants that serve long haul, medium haul and short haul routes! We also have our own cargo airlines, EVA Air Cargo, with the B777F leading the way for the transportation of goods & services!

That’s all, folks! Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you there. I’ll see you in the city of Azaleas!

BE AWARE: ALTHOUGH THE TITLE SAYS NOVEMBER 2ND, THE EVENT IS FROM 2020-11-02T02:00:00Z to 2020-11-02T16:40:00Z.


How long is the flight time?

The flight time is approximately 14 hours and 40 minutes. :)

Should be 6 nm social distancing :)

I will take a China Airlines gate!


You got it! Thanks for signing up. :)

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Attention all, it had been brought to my attention that this event is on the night of Halloween. For this reason, I will move the event towards for one day, so all of you have time for festivities. 👻

Ah darn, I would totally come but my ipad has trouble running flights longer than 14 hours

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Understood, thanks for your interest. 🇹🇼

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I’ll join. I think you mean 2nd. :)

I’ll fly an EVA Air 777-300ER please

You got it! I’ll see ya there. ;)

ill take this one.

I can’t join.

Anyway, can I join EVA Virtual?

@DeltaFox I’ll see you there!
@Fung_Sum-sum, you can sign up for EVA Virtual on their thread.

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@Pingu count me in, China Air please.

Of course, I’ll see you there.

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Thank you Pingu

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I’ll join lol.

My bad, must have missed it. 🤦

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No problem!