02MAY22/1300Z - Air China Virtual Presents: Labor Day @ ZSSS&ZBAA

First activity after CAVA reorganization | China Labor Day

Introduction to labor day

Origin of Labor Day

Labor Day originated from a collective strike of workers in Chicago. At that time, the manufacturing industry in the United States was very developed and the economic development was booming, but workers working in factories could only get a small salary, which led to a collective strike of workers. After some hard resistance, the workers finally won. In order to commemorate the victory of the strike, labor day came into being.

Labor Day in China

Labor Day is a global Festival. China’s labor day can be traced back to 1918. Many advanced people in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hankou and other cities publicize may day to people. Later, workers from Beijing, Shanghai and other places marched on the streets. In this way, labor day spread in China. After the founding of the people’s Republic of China in 1949, China designated May 1 as labor day every year.


Flight information
Server : Expert Sever

Airport : ZSSS Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport to ZBAA Beijing Capital International Airport

Time : 2022-05-02T13:00:00Z2022-05-02T15:30:00Z

Aircraft : A330-300 B757-200 B747-8 B787-9 with livery of Air China

Gate Pilot’s Name Aircraft
T2 Gate229 @Misaka_BerryXu B787-9
T2 Gate230 @Hainan520 B787-9
T2 Gate234 @seoho_ss A330-300
T2 Gate235 @IZhang B787-9
T2 Gate236 @DavisZ A330-300
T2 Gate237 @HenryD Pilotage A330-300
T2 Gate238 @Luke_Skywalker B747-8
T2 Gate240A @URC-SUN A330-300
T2 Gate246 @Simon_Guo1 A330-300
T2 Gate248 @Alan_R B747-8
T2 Gate250
T2 Gate256 @5947 A330-300
T2 Gate257 @black A330-300
T2 Gate259A @SteveAirched A330-300
T2 Gate260
T2 Gate266 @CNM5132 B787-9
T2 Gate267 @kimi B787-9
T2 Gate268
CXVA Reserved
Gate Pilot’s Name Aircraft
Apron 4 S405
Apron 4 S406 @BlueSky A330-300
Apron 4 S407 @CaptainZEUS A330-300
Apron 4 S408
Apron 4 S409
ATC information
ZSSS Controller
ATIS Ground Tower
@piggyWu @piggyWu @piggyWu
ZBAA Controller
ATIS Ground Tower Approach
@Ai-jetwu @Ai-jetwu @Ai-jetwu @JeffreyTian
How to sign up?

If you want to sign up, just comment on the aircraft type, and the staff will add you to the list, including the Gate

Beijing Shanghai Express

refers to Air China, Shanghai Airlines, Hainan Airlines and China Southern Airlines after August 6, 2007 Beijing Shanghai Air Express Beijing Shanghai Air Express China Eastern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines operate routes between Beijing Capital International Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. “Beijing Shanghai air express” integrates the aviation resources of the two places. Implement public transportation operation, improve flight density, shorten flight time, passengers do not need to buy tickets in advance, simplify check-in procedures and security inspection process in many ways, and open up special areas to improve service speed.

To Know more about Beijing Shanghai Express

Website | Apply


Air China Virtual was re-founded by CrisYe in Jan. 2022. We have two different systems, one is our normal VA operation, and the other is our career mode, called Phoenix Plan. We believe that you will have a good time in our VA! And here, we have more than 1,000 routes for you to fly and our team updates it weekly to help you explore the world! Can’t wait to see you here! Today China, Tomorrow the World!

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Special Thanks :@Simon_Guo1 to Provide photos


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I would like to try 747-8, may I sign up a gate? :)

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I am using an Airbus A330-300 for this flight.

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A330 in Air China livery!

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Air China Virtual EM

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Air China Virtual EM

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Air China Virtual EM

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