02MAY21 / 2000Z - The Missouri Flyout! @ KSTL, KSGF, KBBG, KJEF, KMCI, KJLN [DEPARTED]

Sorry I won’t be able to attend the event
STL is super underrated so hopefully there are future events!

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Yes! You have been signed up. I am not able to make a graphic for your signup, but I did sign you up.

awesome, thanks!

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Hey Y’all!

US East IFATC will be providing STL service for this event-

  • Local service provided by @Yacht

  • Radar services provided by @Raze

12R will be the departure runway for today unless winds shift.


Signups are now closed! If you still wish to join, please take a gate that is not assigned to another person.

Very Awesome event! currently en route to Chicago Midway about 35 mins left. The event was very well organized and set up @Smile760981 you did a great job I had fun and im looking forward to many more great events in the future!

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@Smile760981 thanks for the amazing event!!! 😀

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