02MAY21 / 1900Z - Flash Flight: Euro Trip @ EGLL

Hello. Can I still make it ? I just landed from my previous flight

Yes you can

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Why not?))

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major ooof

now there’s a gate hold so this T5A vs. Misha waiting game will have to wait 🙃

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Bruh waiting for pushback 22 mins already


Idk how much longer my iPad can pull through. It feels like Phoenix during summer

I think ATC believes i will cut all the planes but…no here is my planned taxi route

A few moments later:

app crashed after take off Noooo cant be happening i waited 22 min for nothing !! :( :(


asserting my dominance on the taxiway 🤪

Feel sorry for Austrian 43 who is being backwards every 5 seconds maybe due to device lag. He have a forwarder speed than everyone else but are progressing like he is flying on a strong headwind. EDDM Approach would have to take him into account when assigning speed to maintain a “real moving speed” flowing around any other aircrafts in the approach

Had a nice session at EGLL South Tower! Thanks for joining the event everyone!


i didn’t even know about this i started a regular flight now with this event out of nowhere theres gonna be hella go arounds XD

Well that was super fun. Thanks for joining everyone!


Thanks to @Ethan_Hansen for the approach at Munich. 3h16mins of controlling… What a job !

Was Swiss 1996G had to make go around because misjudging my speed and trafic no totally out of runway.


Thanks everyone for this wonderful event. Really enjoyed it. And thanks IFATC for your great service

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