02MAY21 / 1800Z - New Schedule / New World @ KLAS

New Schedule, New World

Welcome to one of the first events featuring the new IFATC controlling procedures! Controllers are now allowed to control any airport in the world within a region of their choice! You can read more here.

With that, any controller who chooses the US-West region will be eligible to control this event. You may see LAX and SFO for example filled up but let’s spread some love to me, @ZinZowe, @Nightt, and @Alec’s home airport of LAS. We 4 will be hosting this mega-flyout event!

Las Vegas McCarran International (Soon to be Harry Reid International) Airport is Nevada’s largest and busiest airport servicing the city of Las Vegas. The airport had it’s all-time best movements in 2019 with 51.5 million passengers. Unfortunately due to COVID, all heavy international service came to a stop but domestic travel still dominates. The airport also has the most slot machines in their terminals and has an amazing backdrop with the Vegas Strip.

In Infinite Flight, LAS is not the most popular airspace, this event is to bring more pilots to my hometown of Las Vegas and also promote the IFATC!

Date & Time: 2021-05-02T18:00:00Z // 1800Z

Airport: Las Vegas McCarran International // KLAS

Server: Expert Server

NOTAM // Notice to Airmen

• Spawn in 15-30 minutes prior to takeoff.

• Listen to all ATC instructions.

• Me or other event hosts are not responsible for your report.

• Runway will be 26R for departures unless winds do not comply.

• For any and all IFATC member’s who want to control this event, it’s first come, first serve. Please understand all procedures prior to opening :)

Terminal One

Concourse A
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
A23 Allegiant A320 Grand Rapids (KGRR) @Brody_Swiatek
A22 Allegiant A320 Fargo (KFAR) @ItsBlitz
A21 Allegiant A320 Fargo (KFAR) @ZinZowe
A20 Allegiant A320 Minot (KMOT) -
A19 Allegiant A320 Memphis (KMEM) -
A18 Allegiant A320 Boise (KBOI) -
A17 Allegiant A320 Belleville / Scott AFB (KBLV) -
A07 Spirit A320 Portland (KPDX) -
A15 Spirit A320 Indianapolis (KIND) -
A14 Spirit A320 Kansas City (KMCI) -
A12 Spirit A320 Orlando (KMCO) -
A11 Spirit A320 Denver (KDEN) -
A10 Spirit A320 Houston (KIAH) -
A08 Spirit A321 Seattle (KSEA) @Nightt
A05 Spirit A320 Baltimore (KBWI) -
A03 Spirit A321 Dallas (KDFW) -

All Spirit A320neo routes replaces with A320/321.

Concourse B
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
B01 Southwest 738 Phoenix (KPHX) -
B02 Southwest 737 New Orleans (KMSY) -
B06 Southwest 738 Santa Ana (KSNA) @Dillonshrop
B17 Southwest 738 Chicago (KMDW) -
B25 Southwest 737 Columbus (KCMH -
B24 Southwest 737 San Diego (KSAN) -
B23 Southwest 738 Austin (KAUS) -
B22 Southwest 738 Los Angeles (KLAX -
B21 Southwest 737 Ontario (KONT) -
B20 Southwest 737 San Jose (KSJC) -
B19 Southwest 737 Burbank (KBUR) -
B15 Southwest 738 Denver (KDEN) -
B14 Southwest 738 Tucson (KTUC)-
B12 Southwest 738 St. Louis (KSTL) -
B11 Southwest 737 Amarillo (KAMA) -
B10 Southwest 738 Portland (KPDX) -
B09 Southwest 737 Pittsburgh (KPIT) -
Concourse C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
C25 Southwest 737 Colorado Springs (KCOS) -
C24 Southwest 738 Houston (KHOU) -
C23 Southwest 737 Tampa (KTPA) -
C22 Southwest 737 Seattle (KSEA) @Flightistic
C21 Southwest 737 Omaha (KOMA) -
C19 Southwest 737 Orlando (KMCO) -
C16 Southwest 738 Sacramento (KSMF) -
C14 Southwest 738 Reno (KRNO) -
C12 Southwest 737 Salt Lake City (KSLC) -
C11 Southwest 738 Houston (KHOU) @zion89
C09 Southwest 737 Tulsa (KTUL) -
C08 Southwest 737 Dallas (KDAL) -
C07 Southwest 737 Albuquerque (KABQ) -
C05 Southwest 737 Oklahoma City (KOKC)-
C04 Southwest 738 Atlanta (KATL) -
C03 Southwest 738 Oakland (KOAK) -
C02 Southwest 737 El Paso (KELP) -
C01 Southwest 737 Midland (KMAF) -

Terminal Three

Concourse D
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
D59 United A320 Washington (KIAD) @Aviation108
D33 United 739 Denver (KDEN) -
D58 United 739 Newark (KEWR) -
D57 United 739 Chicago (KORD) -
D56 United 738 Houston (KIAH) -
D55 United 738 Chicago (KORD) -
D54 United A320 San Francisco (KSFO) -
D53 United 738 Los Angeles (KLAX) @geauxsaints
D52 United 738 San Francisco (KSFO) -
D50 United 739 Washington (KAID) -
D16 Frontier A320 San Jose (KSJC) -
D18 Frontier A321 Seattle (KSEA -
D24 Frontier A321 Denver (KDEN) -
D25A Etihad 77W Abu Dhabi (OMAA) @Half-Aviation
D21 Frontier A320 St. Louis (KSTL) -
D20 Frontier A320 Phoenix (KPHX) -
D19 Frontier A321 Indianapolis (KIND) -
D17 Frontier A320 San Diego (KSAN) -
D04 American A321 Chicago (KORD) -
D06 American A321 Dallas (KDFW) -
D08 American A320 Phoenix (KPHX) -
D10 American 738 Miami (KMIA) -
D11 American A321 Charlotte (KCLT) -
D12 American 738 Chicago (KORD) -
D14 American A321 Dallas (KDFW) -
D09 American A321 Los Angeles (KLAX) -
D07 American A321 Philadelphia (KPHL) -
D05 American 738 Miami (KMIA) -
D03 American A321 Phoenix (KPHX) -
D01 American A320 Chicago (KORD) -
D32 Delta A321 Minneapolis (KMSP)-
D34 Delta 763 Atlanta (KATL) -
D36 Delta ERJ170 Los Angeles (KLAX) -
D38 Delta 738 Seattle (KSEA) @Tyduz
D40 Delta A321 Detroit (KDTW) -
D41 Delta 752 New York (KJFK) @MJP_27
D42 Delta 739 Minneapolis (KMSP) -
D43 Delta 738 Boston (KBOS) @BransonRodriguez
D39 Delta 739 Salt Lake City (KSLC) @bbrockairbus
D37 Delta E170 Los Angeles (KLAX) -
Concourse E
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
E01 KLM 789 Amsterdam (EHAM) @Adrian_K
E02 British Airways 772 London (EGKK) @Southwest0012
E03 Thomas Cook (Condor) 763 Frankfurt (EDDF) @Helzluis
E05A British Airways 747 London (EGLL) @Dunkiolo
E07 WestJet 737 Calgary (CYYC) @barbadian
E08 VivaAerobus A320 Mexico City (MMMX) -
E09 JetBlue A321 New York (KJFK) -
E10 JetBlue A320 Los Angeles (KLAX) -
E11 JetBlue A321 Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) @Dylan.Winklosky
E12 Alaska 739 Seattle (KSEA) -
E14 Alaska 739 Portland (KPDX) -
E15 Alaska A320 Seattle (KSEA) @Javiation_491

We appreciate your attendance and support! We hope to see you there! Most importantly, big thank you to the IFATC who’re able to support any future events.


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