02MAY21 / 1800Z - May Day Flyout @ EGBB

May Day Flyout

Hello and Welcome to our event! We warmly invite you to the heart of the UK and to join us for this Birmingham Airport Flyout

Birmingham Airport is a base and former home of regional airline Flybe. Birmingham Airport today is host to Jet2 and Tui with Ryanair, easyJet and Wizz Air expanding hugely each annual year.

Why is Birmingham so amazing?:

  • Home to the well known Cadbury chocolate brand!
  • Home to William Shakespeare
  • The Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham handles 40% of all Jewellery in the UK!
  • The largest theatre in the UK is based in Birmingham holding 520,000 visitors every year!

Flyout Information:

Event Server: Expert

Event Airport: Birmingham Airport (EGBB)

Date and time:


Terminal 1 Gates
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
Stand 40 Barbados TUI B787-8 @FlyIf_0011IFPA
Stand 41R Wrocław Wizz Air A320 @DanG387
Stand 41L Vienna Eurowings A319
Stand 42C Orlando Sanford TUI B787-8
Stand 54C Dubai Emirates A380
Stand 55R Corfu easyJet A320 @corgi_doodle
Stand 55L Amsterdam easyJet A320
Stand 56C Berlin Jet2 B737-800
Stand 57R Venice Jet 2 B737-800
Stand 57L Paphos Jet 2 B737-800
Stand 58 Salzburg Eurowings A319
Stand 59 Düsseldorf Eurowings A320
Stand 60 Barcelona Vueling A320
Stand 77 Munich Lufthansa A320
Stand 76 Geneva easyJet A320 @999aviation
Stand 75 Palma de Mallorca easyJet A320
Stand 74 Belfast International easyJet A320
Stand 73 Pisa Jet2 B737-800
Stand 72 Lanzarote Jet 2 B737-800
Stand 71 Boa Vista TUI B757-200
Stand 70 Kefalonia TUI B737-800
Stand 80 Dublin Aer Lingus A320
Stand 81 Reus Jet2 B737-800
Stand 82 Copenhagen SAS A319
Stand 83C Doha Qatar Airways B787-8
Stand 84C Delhi Air India B787-8
Stand 85R Iasi Wizz Air A320
Stand 86L Craiova Wizz Air A320 @Charlieab29
Stand 86R Riga Wizz Air A320

| Stand 505C | | RAF | C130 | @HercDriver206

Terminal 2 Gates
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
Gate 1 Krakow Ryanair B737-800
Gate 2 Faro Ryanair B737-800
Gate 3 Bydgoszcz Ryanair B737-800
Gate 4 Edinburgh Flybe Dash 8 Q400
Gate 5 Glasgow Flybe Dash 8 Q400
Gate 6 Düsseldorf Flybe Dash 8 Q400
Gate 7 Hannover Flybe Dash 8 Q400
Gate 8C Perpignan Ryanair B737-800
Gate 10 Newquay Flybe Dash 8 Q400
Gate 11 Gibraltar Eastern Airways E190
Gate 12 Aberdeen Flybe Dash 8 Q400
Gate 13 Milan Flybe E195
Gate 14 Poznań Ryanair B737-800
Gate 20 Dublin Ryanair B737-800
Gate 21 Bratislava Ryanair B737-800
Gate 22 Murcia Ryanair B737-800
Gate 23 Malaga British Airways Cityflyer E190
Gate 24 Reus Ryanair B737-800
Gate 25 Alicante Ryanair B737-800

Participant Rules and Guidelines

  • There must be suitable separation between you and other aircraft at all times.
  • Pilots must use Simbrief or any other real world flight plan creator
  • Ground Speed guidelines must be adhered to throughout the event
  • All participants must ensure that they use Unicom or connect to ATC (if present)
  • Have fun and take lots of screenshots!

If you have any queries please message @DanG387 or @999aviation



I’ll take this gate please

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Craiova is all yours! See you on the 2nd.

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This please


Stand 40 to Barbados is all yours see you on the 2nd!

May I please have this gate?


55R is all yours thanks for signing up!


I’ll take this one!


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76 to geneva is all yours, see you on the 2nd!

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Thanks Dannnnnny!


47 Sqn would like to fly in for the May Day Fly Out, could we be assigned Stand 502C.

Callsign TBC
LXCC-CT Landaway
C-130J C5

Many Thanks

OC 47 Sqn


505C is all yours see you on the 2nd!


I’ll take this one!

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