02MAY21 / 1600Z - IFATC Europe West presents The Great Germany Group Event

The Great Germany Group Event

Heyy everyone, with the commencement of region assignments in IFATC, it’ll be the best efforts of every region to bring out some best events for the pilots to enjoy. After a long time I’m coming back with an event which will feature a German Group Event in which Local flights will be done inside Germany and IFATC will be staffed at 3 major German airports i.e. Frankfurt Airport (EDDF), Munich International Airport (EDDM) & Berlin Schönefeld Airport (EDDB) for the complete event.


Event Airports: EDDF/EDDM/EDDB
Event Date & Time: 2021-05-02T16:00:00Z to 2021-05-02T06:00:00Z
Server: Expert
Gate Assignments: Pilot’s choice at the mentioned Event airports
Aircraft & Livery: Pilot’s choice (Airliners & cargo aircrafts recommended)

Staffed frequencies

Frankfurt Airport

Ground/Tower/ATIS: @Marcel_NG002
Langen Center:

Munich International

Ground/Tower/ATIS: @Manav_Suri
Approach: @Alexandre
Munchen Center:

Berlin Schönefeld Airport

Ground/Tower/ATIS: @Collins4486
Approach: @Divyansh_Tandon
Bremen Center:

  • IFATC will be active for atleast two hours of the event so please follow each and every command given by them.
  • All German centers will be active so please be ACTIVE with your flight when flying inside the active airspace while climb & descent.
  • I or any of the Europe West controllers would not be reponsible for any reports during the event.
  • For the ones who would like to cover all the 3 airports in the two hours, they would be allowed touch and go but avoid doing any patterns if not permitted. Touch and goes will only be allowed for aircraft to depart to another destination.
  • Good flow of traffic is expected between the featured airports so please be patient and maintain professionalism at every stage of the flight.
  • Gate assignments are not there. You can pick up any gate of your choice using any aircraft and livery.
  • The event will be staffed by IFATC controllers but the frequencies will be based on first come first serve so the controllers might be different.

Thanks to everyone who’ll be part of this event either pilot or controller. Have fun and hope to organise such events more and more in the FUTURE!!!


Nice one, Mervin. Can’t wait to start it 😊

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FUN! Can’t wait to tag with you @Alexandre ;)

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Nice event Mervin hope we are able to generate some traffic over beautiful Germany 😄

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I’m assuming this is running 1600Z to 1800Z? Check?

Yes 1600Z to 1800Z

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isnt it called Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt nowerdays?

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