02MAY21 / 1400Z - Spring Break at the Seaside: Fly-In @ LFML with IFATC

I’m over Brussels. I suppose that we will land on rwys 31, so I’ll use the beautiful MTL1D + I31RZ approach. ETE 01:03

Ahoy! I’ve only just noticed this event. I know I’ve not registered properly, but do you mind if I redirect my flight to this fly in?

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Sure! What was your departure airport, your callsign and your aircraft model?

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Thanks! I’ve departed EGPH (Edinburgh), Channex124, B738. I’m about to enter the cruise, should be with you in just over an hour.

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No worries!

Here you go!

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Get on, you diamond! Revised ETE 1440Z

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I can see all the scheduled flights from my radar, that’s awesome! I’ve changed people’s callsigns to their current callsigns if it wasn’t matching with the provided callsign on the table.

@corgi_doodle, hi! I’ve got no news from you so far, are you inflight?

Here we go! The last plane just landed. I wanted to say thanks to all the attendants: @LesterXavier, @DannyHL, @MainSky, @NJ24, @Kyle0705 and @Matt124 as well as @Varunsehdev for being our ATC today! I really enjoyed this event and I loved doing it with all of you, and I hope you did too!

As this was my first event and that I’m inexperienced in event organizing, if you have any feedback, criticism etc, don’t be scared to send them to me a PM via Discord for those who have it, or on the IFC.

Again, thank you for joining the event and have a nice day!