02MAY21 / 1400Z - Spring Break at the Seaside: Fly-In @ LFML with IFATC

Spring Break at the Seaside: Fly-In @ LFML

Aéroport Marseille-Marignane (IATA: MRS, ICAO: LFML) or mostly called Aéroport Marseille-Provence is an international airport located in the edge of the Etang de Berre, in the city of Marignane, 17 miles from Marseille, the second most populated city in France right after Paris, which is situated in the South-East of France. Each year, approximately 10 million people travel through this airport and make it one of France's airports with the most traffic per year. The airport was constructed back in 1922.

Aéroport Marseille-Provence is made up of 2 terminals. Terminal 1 is split in 2 halls: hall A that is used by all companies except low-cost carriers and Air France-KLM; hall B is reserved for flights on Air France-KLM, and the other terminal includes all the other airlines. Low-cost airlines use terminal 2.


This event will take place on Sunday, May 2, 2021 (02MAY21) at 1400Z on the expert server. It will consist in a fly-in at LFML.

If there is ATC at the airport during the time of the event, I will let you know it right below this message. **EDIT:** ATC presence at this event is scheduled.

Additional information

  • ATC attendance is confirmed at the event. Please, follow their instructions no matter what. Any violations received during the event do not come under my responsibility.
  • To join the event, please just reply to this topic with a message containing the gate you'd like to take. You will be added to the event as soon as possible, and you will be notified as well.
  • Although realistically possible, GA planes are not allowed in this event. In addition, only terminal gates will be in use.


The destinations below are taken from Marseille's real possible flights. However, the callsigns as well as the aircraft type are random but the widest possible selection of planes was put.

Terminal 1A - All carriers except low-cost companies and Air France
Gate Callsign Aircraft type Departure airport Status Pilot
7A Alitalia 035 McDonnell Douglas MD-11 LIRF Scheduled  
7B Ehiopian 726LX Heavy Airbus A350-900 LSGG Confirmed @LesterXavier
7C El Al 199 Heavy Boeing 787-10 LLBG Scheduled  
8B Ethiopian 726 Heavy Airbus A350-900 LSGG Confirmed @DannyHL
8C TAP 248 Airbus A320-200 LPPT Scheduled  
9A Eurowings 465 Bombardier CRJ-900 EDDL Scheduled  
9B KLM 376 Boeing 737-900 EHRD Scheduled
9C Speedbird 123 Airbus A320-200 EGLL Scheduled  
10A Aeroflot 208 Heavy Boeing 777-300ER UUEE Scheduled  
10B Iberia 907 Airbus A321-200 LEMG Scheduled  
10C Royal Air Maroc 127 Boeing 737-800 GMMN Scheduled  
10D Comair 279 Boeing 737-800 EGLL Scheduled  
Terminal 1B - Air France
Gate Callsign Aircraft type Departure airport Status Pilot
1A Air France 334 Airbus A319-100 LFPG Cancelled @MJP_27
2A Air France 485 Airbus A320-200 EHAM Scheduled  
2C Air France 147 Airbus A320-200 DAAG Scheduled  
3A Air France 369 Airbus A319-200 LFPG Scheduled  
3B Air France 058 Heavy Boeing 777-200ER LGAV Scheduled  
3C Air France 354 Heavy Boeing 787-10 OLBA Scheduled  
4B Air France 985 Heavy Boeing 777-300ER LGAV Scheduled  
5A Air France 214 Heavy Boeing 787-10 OLBA Scheduled  
5B YMCA Airbus A319-200 LFPO Confirmed @rlbg13
5C Air France 855 Airbus A320-200 DAAG Scheduled  
6A Air France 392 Airbus A319-100 LFBZ Scheduled  
6A1 Air France 1826 Heavy Airbus A350-900 OLBA Scheduled  
6B Air France 634 Airbus A319-100 LFBZ Scheduled  
6C Air France 046 Airbus A319-200 LFPO Scheduled  
20A Air France 065 Airbus A320-200 DAAG Scheduled  
20B Air France 226 Airbus A320-200 EHRD Confirmed @MainSky
Terminal 2 - Low-cost carriers
Gate Callsign Aircraft type Departure airport Status Pilot
47A Ryanair 436 Boeing 737-800 EKCH Scheduled  
47C Alpine 103L Airbus A320-200 LFBD Confirmed @NJ24
47E Alpine 78EM Airbus A320-200 LFBD Confirmed @Kyle0705
47G Beauty 380 Boeing 737-800 GMMX Scheduled  
48A Vueling 224 Airbus A320-200 DAAG Scheduled  
48C Ryanair 226 Boeing 737-800 EHEH Cancelled @corgi_doodle
48E Vueling 823 Airbus A320-200 LEBL Scheduled  
48G Channex 124 Boeing 737-800 EGPH Confirmed @Matt124

I'm looking forward to seeing you for my first event ever! See you soon!


I will see if i can join this event

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All right, take your time! :-)

Anyone would like to join in? :)

This gate please, thanks!

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Registered, thanks for signing up for the event!

Can I please have that gate? Thanks. Oh and also can I change my callsign to AF1826 Heavy?

Sure! Thanks for signing up, your callsign has been changed as requested!

Thank you very much!

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My pleasure!

Anyone else would like to sign up? :)

Yes, this one for me please!

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May I please have this gate?

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I just realized I got my timing wrong… May I please switch to this flight and it would be much appreciated if you could change my callsign to UU946.

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All of you have been registered, and @CHUNGUSflys, your flight has been changed as well as your callsign. Thank you all for joining the event!

Don’t mean to be judgmental or anything but you might’ve accidentally misplaced my name to the wrong flight. Just a little mixup, no biggy.

Pardon me for that mistake. It’s corrected!

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Digging out the topic. Would anyone else like to join the event? :-)

I have came to realize, I will not make it to this event. I hope you guys have fun!

No problem, I understand.

Anyone would like to join the event?