02JUN24: The San Antonio Flyout DEPARTED

Thank you! We appreciate it!


Does IF even have cargo 757s and 767s?

No they do not.

Then why do the cargo aprons have them

I just checked in app and there are no cargo 757 or 767. There is cargo c208,md11,777,a330.

Yes. That’s why im curious on why there are 757 and 767 cargo planes in this event

Could be generic?

True. It says ups or Fedex tho

Since there isn’t any cargo Boeing aircraft besides the 77F, the generic 767 and 757 are used

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There used to be FedEx or UPS on the B752 before they reworked it!

Can I have a 11 and not to complaint but the a terminal 1-12 should only be delta this is my hometown airport and there is only delta and viva in a 1-12

I’ll try this one. Hopefully I can make it.

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@AvioesEJogos Oki dokie 🤑

Did you not see mine???

I’ll take A9 to baltimore

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Also anyone doing gnus event check out my Atlanta fly out and flyin we are hoping to break reacords

Don’t advertise your events at other people’s events. Only do so if the host has given you permission when the event concludes

@KSATplane_spotter I did not… Apologies. I’ll add you right away

As prestoni said, respectfully please don’t advertise your events on my event threads 🙂


Hey @United403 . I didn’t ask for a gate. That was @KSATplane_spotter

Not sure I can make it but I’ll take this and spot for the event