02JUL21 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Military Cooperation in South Asia

ooo scary! LOL

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How around and want grop flight

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I’d suggest looking at this topic

Before hopping in a F-16 and going Mach 2

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Can we take off now?

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Any possibilities of the new updates coming out before this event ends?

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Theres no problem with going Mach 2 as long as you aren’t in contact with Approach or Tower right?

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Most likely no, there is no confirmed release date for 22.3.

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Everything you need to know is listed in the topic.

regarding appropriate speeds for fighter jets

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Another C17 Globemaster is on the way to Bagram Air Base (OAIX) from Halim Perdanakusuma Indonesian AFB (WIHH) with @Juiceinaglass @Nixon10 @LabhorghaFlight_YT , estimated to destination 06hrs33mins. See you in the sky, everyone!


It gets hard having to fly around countries like Pakistan.

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Of course, I know that. But I mentioned the word possibilities, so we don’t know what’s happening. That’s why I just wanted to hear other members’ opinions. You know, 21.2 also wasn’t expected to come out that day. Plus, you wrote 22.3, but it’s 21.3 we’re talking.


Just had a laid back controlling session at OAIX.


Theres a spitfire buzzing me in the pattern at Bagram, also landed on the same runway while I was not clear

Sweetest 😎. This will be great @MishaCamp . Lovin these creative FNF events.

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do they allow KC-10 tanker USAF?

Yes…there are a many been used around OAIX and OAKN.

are we allowed to use air force one?

I would say, Yes…as I have seen a few in the airspace.