02JUL2020 / 2000Z - One Fun Flight @ CYTZ to CYGK

Porter Airlines Q400


2000 ZULU (1300PST,1600 EST)
Estimated flight time: 30 mins.

Training Server

You will be assigned gates in Toronto and Kingston. Please copy my flight plan. My callsign will be Porter 2259.

Kingston is a city with historic buildings, a historic fort and many other things. It is known as the “limestone city” due to those aforementioned buildings.

There are three formal gates and plenty of GA stands in Kingston.

I hope to see you there!


Hey! Would you mind updating your title according to the category rules in #live:groupflights? It looks like an awesome flight!

Hey there! Your title should say this:

02JUL20 / 1945Z - Flight from @ CYTZ to CYGK

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Looks like a cool flight! I´ll come along.


Hello again!

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Go ahead and take gate 7.

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Mistyped title.

I’ll be there!

Wait why is this on the training server?

Just to make it more accessible to people who have never attended an event.

I’ll put you down for gate 3.

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Need to run. Sorry about that, maybe next time.

Don’t worry about it.

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