02JAN21 / 1900Z - Winter Travel Rush in Atlanta Flyout! @ KATL

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Welcome to the Winter Travel Rush in Atlanta!

Server: Expert

Airport: KATL

Time: 1900Z 2021-01-02T19:00:00Z

Welcome to the Winter Travel Rush Flyout! I host one of these flyouts once a year and this year I decided to have the flyout in Atlanta! ATL is the busiest airport in the world and the largest hub for Delta Airlines, while also being a Frontier, Spirit, and Southwest focus city. The airport has a lot of unique routes to a lot of unique airports so make sure to take a good look at the routes!

The airport has 7 Linear Concourses, 5 Runways, a massive cargo area and an area for Delta TechOps!

I am once again co-hosting this flyout with @anon74260613!

To request a gate, please state the gate number, as well as the destination, airline, and aircraft assigned to that gate. If you would like a route not shown, or a different aircraft on a route, please do not hesitate to ask as long as it is current or recently, or is scheduled to use. (Ill accept a request to use a DL A350 on ATL-HND, but not a request to use a DL 757 on ATL-VLD). Please also follow all Expert Server Rules, and most importantly: Have fun!

I also threw the Delta 777s in there since they likely wont be used for another flyout

Concourse T
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
T01A Delta KLAS - Las Vegas 737-900ER
T02A Delta MMUN - Cancun 757-200
T03 Delta KMIA - Miami A321-200
T04 Delta KCVG - Cincinnati 737-900ER
T05 Delta KDCA - Washington-National A321-200
T06 Delta KBDL - Windsor Locks/Hartford 737-800
T07 Delta KGRR - Grand Rapids A319-100 @Deltadev13
T08 Delta KJAC - Jackson Hole 757-200 @plane_guy12
T09 American KDFW - Dallas-Fort Worth 737-800
T10 American KORD - Chicago-O’Hare A320-200 (sub 319) @Aviation108
T11 American KCLT - Charlotte A320-200 @PilotA320
T12 American KMIA - Miami 737-800
T13 United KSFO - San Francisco A320-200
T14 United Express KEWR - Newark E170
T15 United Express KIAD - Washington-Dulles CRJ-700
T16 United KIAH - Houston-Intercontinental 737-800
T17 United KDEN - Denver A320-200
Concourse A
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
A01 Delta KSMF - Sacramento 757-200
A02 Delta KGPI - Kalispell/Glacier Park 757-200
A03 Delta KJFK - New York-JFK 757-200 @FlyDelta
A04 Delta KAUS - Austin-Bergstrom A321-200 @Aviation2929
A05 Delta KPSP - Palm Springs A321-200
A06 Delta KROA - Roanoke A319-100
A07 Delta KMCO - Orlando 757-200 @Bren_McDonell
A09 Delta KPBI - West Palm Beach 757-200 @THEREALPROPILOT
A10 Delta KSLC - Salt Lake City 757-200 @Delta
A11 Delta KIAH - Houston-Intercontinental A321-200
A12 Delta KMSP - Minneapolis-St. Paul 757-200
A15 Delta KDEN - Denver 737-900ER
A16 Delta KDFW - Dallas-Fort Worth A321-200
A17 Delta KPWM - Portland (ME) 737-900ER
A18 Delta KSNA - Santa Ana 757-200 @anon74260613
A19 Delta MYNN - Nassau 737-800 @Evan_Vlogs
A20 Delta KJAX - Jacksonville 757-200 @MJP_27
A21 Delta KONT - Ontario 737-900ER
A24 Delta KLAX - Los Angeles 757-200
A25 Delta KCMH - Columbus-Glenn 737-800
A26 Delta KELP - El Paso A319-100 @zion89
A27 Delta KSDF - Louisville 737-800
A28 Delta KRSW - Fort Myers 757-200 @DeltaFox
A29 Delta TISX - St. Croix 737-800
A30 Delta KMEM - Memphis A321-200
A31 Delta KIAD - Washington-Dulles 737-800
A32 Delta KGSO - Greensboro 717-200
A33 Delta KRDU - Raleigh/Durham 737-900ER
A34 Delta KSTL - St. Louis A321-200
Concourse B
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
B01 Delta KSEA - Seattle-Tacoma 737-900ER
B02 Delta KFLL - Fort Lauderdale 757-200 @Pingu
B03 Delta KBWI - Baltimore A321-200 @United.sandwitch
B04 Delta KRNO - Reno/Tahoe 757-200 @The_Real_Plane_Spott
B05 Delta KTPA - Tampa 757-200
B06 Delta KMSY - New Orleans 737-900ER
B07 Delta KIND - Indianapolis A321-200
B09 Delta KDAB - Daytona Beach A319-100
B10 Delta KLGA - New York-LGA A321-200
B11 Delta KSRQ - Sarasota A321-200
B12 Delta KBNA - Nashville 737-800
B13 Delta KORF - Norfolk A319-100 @Infinitepaulk
B14 Delta KRIC - Richmond 737-800
B16 Delta KSAN - San Diego A321-200 @Zach007
B17 Delta KPNS - Pensacola 737-900ER
B18 Delta KEYW - Key West A319-100
B19 Delta KSFO - San Francisco 737-900ER
B20 Delta KPDX - Portland (OR) 737-900ER
B21 Delta TLPL - St. Lucia-Hewanorra 737-800
B22 Delta KBOS - Boston-Logan A321-200
B23 Delta TJSJ - San Juan 757-200
B24 Delta KCLE - Cleveland A321-200
B25 Delta KECP - Panama City (FL) 737-800 @Tcs
B26 Delta KDTW - Detroit A321-200
B27 Delta KCHS - Charleston (SC) 737-800
B28 Delta KPIT - Pittsburgh 737-800
B29 Delta KCLT - Charlotte 717-200
B31 Delta KSAT - San Antonio A321-200
B32 Delta KMCI - Kansas City A319-100
B33 Delta KBZN - Bozeman 737-800
B34 Delta KEWR - Newark 737-800
B36 Delta KABQ - Albuquerque A321-200
Concourse C
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
C01 Southwest KSAT - San Antonio 737-700
C02 Southwest KBWI - Baltimore 737-700
C03 Southwest KSTL - St. Louis 737-700
C04 Southwest KSDF - Louisville 737-700
C05 Southwest KPBI - West Palm Beach 737-800
C06 Southwest KOKC - Oklahoma City 737-700
C07 Southwest KDCA - Washington-National 737-700
C09 Southwest KIAD - Washington-Dulles 737-700
C10 Southwest KMKE - Milwaukee 737-700 @SWA1997
C12 Southwest KPHX - Phoenix-Sky Harbor 737-700
C13 Southwest KHOU - Houston-Hobby 737-700
C14 Southwest KTPA - Tampa 737-800
C15 Southwest KLIT - Little Rock 737-700
C16 Southwest KMDW - Chicago-Midway 737-700 @peytw2084
C17 Southwest KLAS - Las Vegas 737-700
C20 Southwest KGSP - Greenville-Spartanburg 737-700
C21 Southwest KRDU - Raleigh/Durham 737-800 @KSS
C22 Southwest KBNA - Nashville 737-800
C30 Delta KALB - Albany 717-200
C33 Delta KMLB - Melbourne (FL) 717-200
C34 Delta Connection KCHA - Chattanooga CRJ-900
C35 Delta Connection KGNV - Gainesville CRJ-900
C36 Delta Connection KHOU - Houston-Hobby CRJ-900
C37 Delta KDAL - Dallas-Love 717-200
C40 Delta TIST - St. Thomas 757-200
C41 Delta Connection KMYR - Myrtle Beach CRJ-900
C42 Delta Connection KOAJ - Jacksonville (NC) CRJ-900
C43 Delta KGSP - Greenville-Spartanburg 717-200 @Devon_Mo_piedmont114
C46 Delta TNCA - Aruba 757-200 @nolan_brant12
C47 Delta KBHM - Birmingham (AL) 717-200
C49 Delta Connection KMLI - Moline-Quad City CRJ-900
C50 Delta KORD - Chicago-O’Hare 717-200
C52 Delta KMDW - Chicago-Midway 717-200 @Theo_James
C55 Delta KOMA - Omaha 737-900ER
Concourse D
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
D01 Frontier TJSJ - San Juan A320-200
D01A Frontier KISP - Long Island/Islip A320-200
D02 Spirit KMSP - Minneapolis-St. Paul A320-200
D03 Alaska KSEA - Seattle-Tacoma 737-900ER
D04 Spirit KFLL - Fort Lauderdale A321-200
D05 Delta Connection KOKC - Oklahoma City CRJ-900
D06 Delta Connection KJAN - Jackson (MS) CRJ-900
D07 Delta Connection KSBN - South Bend CRJ-200
D08 Delta KCAE - Columbia (SC) 717-200
D08A Delta Connection KAGS - Augusta (GA) CRJ-900
D09 Delta Connection KABE - Allentown-Lehigh Valley CRJ-900
D09A WestJet CYYC - Calgary 737-700 @KMSPheavy
D10 Delta Connection KMOB - Mobile CRJ-900
D11 Delta Connection KXNA - Fayetteville-Bentonville CRJ-900
D12 Delta Connection KHXD - Hilton Head (SC) E170
D13 Delta Connection KGRB - Green Bay CRJ-900
D14 Delta Connection KAVL - Asheville CRJ-900
D15 Delta Connection KMSN - Madison CRJ-900
D16 Delta Connection KGPT - Gulfport/Biloxi CRJ-700
D21 American KLAX - Los Angeles 737-800
D23 American KPHX - Phoenix-Sky Harbor 737-800
D24 Delta Connection KFAY - Fayetteville (NC) CRJ-900
D25 Delta KSYR - Syracuse A319-100
D26 Delta Connection KTLH - Tallahassee CRJ-900
D27 Delta Connection KMLU - Monroe CRJ-200
D28 Delta Connection KLIT - Little Rock CRJ-900
D29 Delta Connection CYYZ - Toronto-Pearson CRJ-900
D30 Delta Connection CYUL - Montreal-Trudeau CRJ-900
D31 Delta Connection KBMI - Bloomington/Normal CRJ-900
D32 Delta Connection KVPS - Destin-Fort Walton Beach CRJ-900
D33 Delta Connection KEVV - Evansville CRJ-200
D34 Delta Connection KBQK - Brunswick CRJ-200
D35 Delta Connection KABY - Albany (GA) CRJ-200
D38 Delta Connection KDHN - Dothan CRJ-200
D39 Delta Connection KILM - Wilmington (NC) CRJ-900
D40 Delta Connection KGTR - Columbus (MS) CRJ-200
D41 Delta Connection KCRW - Charleston (WV) CRJ-200
D42 Delta Connection KAEX - Alexandria CRJ-200
D44 Delta Connection KMGM - Montgomery CRJ-200
D46 Delta Connection KCSG - Columbus (GA) CRJ-200
Concourse E
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
E01 Delta MRLB - Liberia (CR) 737-900ER @NYFLFlyer22
E02 JetBlue KBOS - Boston-Logan E190
E03 Delta MDSD - Santo Domingo 737-900ER
E04 Delta SKBO - Bogotá 767-300ER
E05 Delta MKJP - Kingston-Norman Manley 737-800
E06 Delta EDDS - Stuttgart 767-300ER
E07 Delta MMMY - Monterrey 737-800
E08 Delta SPJC - Lima 767-300ER
E09 Delta MMMX - Mexico City 757-200
E10 Delta EGLL - London-Heathrow A330-300
E11 Delta FACT - Cape Town via FAOR - Johannesburg A350-900 @NZ_Flyer
E12 Delta SCEL - Santiago de Chile A330-300
E14 Delta LFPG - Paris-Charles de Gaulle 777-200ER
E15 Delta TNCB - Bonaire 737-800
E16A Delta TNCM - St. Maarten 757-200 @Half-Aviation
E17 Delta PHNL - Honolulu A330-300
E18A Delta ZSPD - Shanghai-Pudong 777-200LR
E26 Delta RKSI - Seoul-Incheon A350-900
E27A Delta SBGR - Sao Paulo-Guarulhos 777-200LR
E28 Delta SAEZ - Buenos Aires-Ezeiza A330-300
E29 Delta MMPR - Puerto Vallarta 737-800
E30 Delta MKJS - Montego Bay A321-200
E31 Delta MROC - San Jose de Costa Rica 757-200
E32 Delta KPHX - Phoenix-Sky Harbor A330-300
E33 Delta MDPC - Punta Cana 737-900ER
E34 Delta MHLM - San Pedro Sula 737-800
E35 Delta MNMG - Managua 737-800
E36 Delta DNMN - Lagos A330-300
6NA Delta Connection KDSM - Des Moines CRJ-900
6NB Delta Connection MYEF - George Town/Exuma CRJ-900
6NC Delta Connection KICT - Wichita-Eisenhower CRJ-900
Concourse F
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
F01 Korean Air RKSI - Seoul-Incheon 747-8
F02 Delta LIRF - Rome-Fiuminco A330-300
F03 KLM EHAM - Amsterdam 777-300ER
F04 Virgin Atlantic EGCC - Manchester 787-9
F05 British Airways EGLL - London-Heathrow 787-10
F06 Air France LFPG - Paris-Charles de Gaulle A350-900
F07 Qatar OTHH - Doha-Hamad 777-200LR
F08 Delta RJTT - Tokyo-Haneda 777-200LR
F09 Delta MGGT - Guatemala City 757-200
F10 Delta TKPK - St. Kitts 737-800
F12 Delta TXKF - Bermuda A319-100
F14 Delta MSLP - San Salvador 737-900ER
FBO Signature
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
ATL 01 Boutique Air KMSL - Muscle Shoals TBM-930
ATL 02 Boutique Air KGLH - Greenville (MS) TBM-930
ATL 04 Air Choice One KMKL - Jackson (MS) C208
South Cargo
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
1 AirBridgeCargo UUEE - Moscow-Sheremetyevo 747-8
2 CargoLux ELLX - Luxembourg 747-8
3 Korean Air Cargo PANC - Anchorage 777F
4 EVA Air Cargo RCTP - Taipei-Taoyuan via PANC - Anchorage 777F
5 China Cargo Airlines ZSPD - Shanghai-Pudong via PANC - Anchorage 777F
6 Qatar Cargo MMMX - Mexico City 777F
7 Lufthansa Cargo EDDF - Frankfurt MD-11F
8 Turkish Cargo LTBA - Istanbul-Ataturk 777F
DHL Cargo
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
2 DHL KCVG - Cincinnati 777F
3 DHL KJFK - New York-JFK 777F
UPS Cargo
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
2 UPS KSDF - Louisville MD-11F
3 UPS KCAE - Columbia (SC) MD-11F
5 UPS KDFW - Dallas-Fort Worth MD-11F
FedEx Cargo
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
1 FedEx KMEM - Memphis 777F
2 FedEx KAFW - Fort Worth/Alliance MD-11F
3 FedEx KFLL - Fort Lauderdale MD-11F
4 FedEx KEWR - Newark MD-11F
5 FedEx KGSO - Greensboro DC-10F
6 FedEx KIND - Indianapolis DC-10F
8 FedEx KMIA - Miami 777F

We hope to see you at the flyout!

Happy Landings!

-@Bren_McDonell and @anon74260613 - Event Hosts


B02 to Fort Lauderdale, please.

You got it! See you there!

I’ll take this gate please! Thanks!

You got it! See you there!

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Can I have this one plz

It’s glorious to see 21 in the title for the year.

@Mukundan_Srivatsa certainly is!

@zion89 sure! See you there!


See you then

Can I get this route pls

Yes you can!

There are a lot of gates making my decision. 🥵

I would like to go to Charlotte.

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Alright, you got it!

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Can I have this

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Yes you can! See you there

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thank you see you there to

Great signups so far!

Nice event! I missed the long haul out of Denver so I want to make up for that by joining this! May I have the DAL 752 gate to Aruba please.

Sure! That is C46 I believe!

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