02FEB21 / 0415Z - A Group Flight Through The Rocky Mountains @ KJAC

  • Aircraft and Livery : TBM 950
  • Route : KJAC to Driggs Idaho
  • **Time of Departure 2100Z
  • Server Training

Hey Justin! It looks like you posted this twice. In the future, make sure that you only post your group flight once as to not clog the forum. In addition, make sure you follow the category rules in regards to title formation and your post contents. I know you’ve been linked the guidelines before, but please double check them for next time. Happy flying!

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I think you mean the 930, there is no 950 in the game.

I’ll join you! How long until departure?

The departure is at 9:10mountain standard time, can I lead?

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Our aircraft will be Cessna Caravan. For this airport I recommend the first set of flaps on take off

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I’ll make a PM. Yes, you can lead.

Ok, see you soon!! What is you name?

I’m Justin

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