02FEB2021/0845Z - The Caribbean Island Hop Challenge@TNCM

This is a challenge for all Training pilots! Join everybody on the island hop from Sint Maarten!

Aircraft: C172, C208, TBM9


TNCM - TFFJ (TBM9, C208, C172)
TNCM - TNCS (TBM9, C208, C172)
TNCM - TQPF (TBM9, C208)
TNCM - TNCE. (TBM9, C208)

Server: Training.
Airport: TNCM
Time: 02 FEB 2021 @0845Z

ATC: Volunteers are appreciated.

Always RW10 for take off. (TNCM)
Both 10 and 28 are fine for landing at TFFJ, but I suggest 10 if you want a thrill, and 28 if you want to be safe. Takeoffs from TFFJ - always 10.
Heavy congestion near TFFJ is possible due to lack of slots. Be prepared to bring extra fuel and hold.
Please follow ATC at all times.
No crashing allowed. Be serious.
If you wanna reserve a gate, reply to this topic. I’ll help.

Looking forward to meeting you!


I would like to take this one pls

Noted with thanks! Pls tell others to join!!

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U just did lol

Can i take this in the tbm?

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can I get the flight TNCM - TNCE?

Good! At least someone is flying.

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can i do tncm ATC?

Of course !!!

am i wrong because there is nobody at TNCM?

Just finishing my flight, i’ll join in a sec

okay but you’re the only one then…

Cos nobody is there could u also be my tower at TFFJ?

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