02DEC22 / 16:00 | @IF.NORWAY My Birthday Fly-Out!

Summary: Birthday Fly-Out Hosted by @IF.NORWAY

Airport: Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen OSL/ENGM

Welcome to my Birthday Fly-Out from Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen, my birthday is at 03st but I want to celebrate One day early 🎉 this event is hosted by @IF.NORWAY . Oslo is one of the busiest airports in Norway and also serves as a major hub for airlines like SAS, Flyr, Norse, Widerøe, Finnair and Norwegian. This event will take place on December 2st. Let’s try to make this airport as busy as possible! Hope you can join me in the fabulous event. See you in the skies!

Server: This event will be hosted on (Expert Server) !
Please note that I’m not responsible for any violations.


Main Terminal Gates 01-53

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
01 British Airways A320 Heathrow
02 SAS A320 Copenhagen
03 Norwegian 737-800 Bordeaux
09 TAP A320 Lisbon
10 Turkish Airlines A321 Istanbul
11 Norwegian 737-800 Belgrade
12 Norwegian 737-800 Riga @lauvsss
13 Norwegian 737-800 Manchester
14 Norwegian 737-800 Paris
15 Norwegian 737-800 Prague
16 Norwegian 737-800 Bergen
18 SAS 737-800 Kristiansand @NordicFlyer
20 SAS 737-800 Bodø
22 Icelandair 757-200 Reykjavik
24 Norwegian 737-800 Ibiza @NICOPILOT
26 Norwegian 737-800 Edinburgh
28 Norwegian 737-800 Copenhagen
36 SAS A320 Zurich
38 Norwegian 737-800 Venice
39 Brussels A319 Brussels
40 Nordwind 777-200 Frankfurt
41 Norwegian 737-800 Hardstad
43 SAS A320 Heathrow
44 Norwegian 737-800 Alicante
45 Norwegian 737-800 Malaga
46 SAS A330-000 Miami @JMacMcd
47 Norwegian 737-800 Bergen
48 SAS A330-300 Newark
49 Qatar 777-300ER Doha @Indyspotter
50 Turkish A330-300 Istanbul
51 Qatar 787-8 Doha
53 Norwegian 787-9 Los Angeles

Main Terminal Gates 60-96

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
60 AirBatic A220 Riga
61 SAS A321 Heathrow
64 British Airways A320 Heathrow @Justin_Betances
65 Norwegian 737-800 Berlin
68 Norwegian 737-800 Rome
69 Finnair A321 Helsinki
72 SAS A320 Billund
73 Norwegian 737-800 Helsinki
76 Norwegian 787-9 New York
77 Finnair A321 Helsinki
80 Swiss BCS3 Zurich
81 Finnair A321 Helsinki
87 Lufthansa A320 Frankfurt
93 Swiss A319 Zürich
95 Norwegian 737-800 gatwick @IF.NORWAY
96 Icelandair 757-200 Reykjavik
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
Military Ramp M6 Generic F/A-18E Gatwick @MR.FOXY09
Military Ramp M8
Military Ramp M10


ATIS: @If.dubai
Ground: @If.dubai
Tower: @If.dubai


Let’s get this airport busy at Friday guys 😃❄️

Need ATC? i can open ATIS, Ground and tower:)

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Your are signed up thanks ☺️

Perfect, what time is the event again?

You have to look up at the time it says there when 😉

Yeah it says but in my timezone so I just want to make sure in Zulu as well😂

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16:00 Zulu time

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Sign me up for gate 18!

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Your signed up 🤝

Where is people 😂 this event is on Friday!

I’ll take this gate, But I’ll fly an SAS A330-300 since thats the only flight doing it in real life

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Can you sign me up for gate D4?🤩

Your signed up 😉

Don’t check on the map check which gate and airline😅

Okey thanks, sorry i’ll take 24 then🤩🤩

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Your signed up ;)

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More gates are available ✅

I Edited my event to birthday fly-out 🎉 hope some of people can join this event.

This please

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