02AUG20 / 1300Z - London City Flyout @ EGLC

London city airport flyout, destinations around Europe + New York.

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London city EGLC


London city is a small airport roughly 5 miles from central london. London city’s runway is roughly 1.5km’s london. The largest aircraft to serve EGLC is the airbus a318.

London city airports wikipedia page

Please consider signing up for this event as it is my first flyout.
Thank you 😊.

Commercial gates

Gate 24 (BA001 A318) LCY-SNN-JFK British airways :

Gate 23 (BA8464 E190) LCY-IBZ British airways :

Gate 22 (KL988 E190) LCY-AMS KLM :

Gate 21 (AZ227 E190) LCY-LIN Alitalia (generic livery) : @Ivan0921

Gate 01 (LG4592 Q400) LCY-LIX Luxair : @Joseph.Barnett

Gate 02 (BE1336 Q400) LCY-EDI FlyBe :

Gate 03 (BA8720 E190) LCY-GLA British airways : @Laminar

Gate 04 (BA8700 E190) LCY-EDI British airways :

Gate 05 (BE1304 Q400) LCY-EXT FlyBe : @Liam_Gardener

Gate 06 (WP121 Q400) LCY-ANR Air Antwerp (generic livery) : @AviatorNikola

Gate 07 (EI285 E190) LCY-DUB Aer lingus (generic livery) :

Gate 08 (BA2225 E190) LCY-JSI British airways :

Gate 09 (LX435 E190) LCY-GVA Helvetic (generic livery) :

Gate 10 (LX457 E190) LCY-ZRH Helvetic (generic livery) : @Juhujo

Gate 12 (LO288 E170) LCY-WAW LOT : @Karthik_Khosla

Gate 13 (LH927 CRJ900) LCY-FRA Lufthansa cityline:

Gate 14 (BA8741 E190) LCY-CMF British airways :

GA Gates

GA stand 15 (SR22) :

GA apron 1 (TBM930) : @Param_Patnaik

GA apron 2 (C172) :

GA apron 3 (XCub) : @Tobyc


I’m in! Great event! Callsign will be AYVA006.

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I have added you, enjoy the flight :)

I will take gate 22 to AMS on the E-190

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I have added you, enjoy the flight :)

Thanks, can’t wait!

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Any chance I can be Air Antwerp Dash 8-400 to Antwerp replacement for Fokker 70

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I have added you, enjoy the flight :)

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Book me in, thank you

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Added you in, enjoy the flight :)

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Looking forward to this event :) It will be my first time operating BA001.

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Cool, remember to stop and refuel at EINN on the way becuase of the strong winds over the Atlantic lol .

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This event is getting closer… Hopefully we will see a busy London City!

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Ill take LCY- LIN on the Alitalia E190. Callsign Alitalia 7077

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Gate 05 (BE1304 Q400) LCY-EXT FlyBe :
Thank you :)

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You’re signed up, enjoy the flight :)

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I have signed you up, enjoy the flight :)

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Sorry… I can’t join.

It’s okay.

I’ll take this gate please.

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