02APR23 Island GA Takeover @PHOG

Hello there!

Surely you have heard of the Hawaiian Islands by now.
If not, the Hawaiian Islands are a chain of islands made by eruptions over thousands of years. From the US mainland, these islands are located about 3200km away (for us US-dwellers, that is about 45,812,455 burgers stacked vertically).

Event Info

Server: Expert (normal expert, not beta expert)

Where: Kahului (PHOG)

When: 1900z (12PM PST) on April 2nd 2023

Event Type: Flyout

The Plan

Fly out of Kahului in a GA aircraft, to another one of the islands.

Your choice for both an inter-island route and GA aircraft. If you have a destination in mind, but someone beat you to it, you can still go to that destination.

It is also fine if you want a slot, but don’t want to commit to a certain destination or aircraft yet. If you do commit you can also change route/aircraft later too.

Interested? Want To Join?

If so, reply with your GA aircraft of choice, and where you want to go and I’ll give you a ramp.
That way, there’s minimal conflict over who’s getting which ramp and no one is just spawning in on top of one another.

List of GA aircraft in IF

C172, C208




Route Ideas

Dillingham (PHDH)
Hana (PHHN)
Lahaina (PHJH)
Lanai (PHNY)
Princeville (HI01)
Waimea (PHMU)


Ramp List

GA Ramp 26: @anon36731834 / C172 / Hilo

GA Ramp 27: @United403 / C208 / Kaluapapa

GA Ramp 28: @Flyin.Hawaiian / SR22 / Honolulu

GA Ramp 29: @EnthusiasticAviation / TBM930 / Honolulu

GA Ramp 30: @the_ding / TBM930 / Lanai

GA Ramp 31: @Ryan_Carney / C208 / Kaluapapa

GA Ramp 32: @N22HW / TBD / TBD

GA Ramp 33: @Comif / Xcub / Lahaina

GA Ramp 34: @Butter575 / TBM930 / Kapolei

GA Ramp 35: @Joel_Albert / Any GA / Honolulu

GA Ramp 36: @Southwest_2115 / TBD / Honolulu

GA Ramp 37: @Dodsky / XCub / Lanai

GA Ramp 38: VACANT

GA Ramp 39: @CaptainEthan_Stuart / C208 / Lanai

GA Ramp 40: VACANT

GA Ramp 41: VACANT

GA Ramp 42: VACANT

GA Ramp 43: VACANT

GA Ramp 44: VACANT

GA Ramp 45: VACANT

more can be added as needed, but at this point in time these should be sufficient

ATC Services

Kahului Ground/Tower:…,…,… None (yet)
Kahului Approach/Departure:… None (yet)
Honolulu Center…,…,…,…,…,. None (yet)


Fine Text

-have fun
-I am not responsible for any violations earned
-Use Unicom respectfully, if ATC cannot be gained
-the photos used were taken by me
-act as if you’re professionals

~if there’s any formatting issues or what not, do let me know so i can fix them ASAP~


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Mokelele C208 to Waimea please and thank you

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I have got you down for a C208 (Mokulele) to Waimea!

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Amazing! Thanks my friend

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I know this is a GA event but can I use a B737-800 southwest to HNL?

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I mean I don’t have signups for that, as this is a GA event but I certainly won’t/can’t stop you from showing up as one on event day

Or can I do a quick fly by with a F/A-18 and then go to HNL for the start of the event?

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So fly by and then go to HNL with the F-18?

I wouldn’t consider myself an expert of fighter jets, but I know for sure the F-18 is no GA aircraft and like your SW 738 request I certainly won’t/can’t stop you

I would depart from HNL come by the airport probably do a low pass or two before the event starts and then go back to HNL and maybe see if a couple of people could do it with me @AIDAN101

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again, this is a GA event, and F-18s aren’t GA aircraft, so i won’t list it but at the same time can’t necessarily stop you on event day

if ATC is acquired they may stop you though

I will not be like @AmericanB772

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not fully sure what that’s supposed to imply but do it if you’d like just don’t get in the way of any trying to depart

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WDYM? What did I do?

Any further discussion will be in a PM, this is getting off topic.

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Actually I can’t go due to me and Totally not @United403 flying back to ORD from my cruise

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So guys…



Since this stuff isn’t related to this event could you two take it to a PM, if it continues… I’d like the event this thread to be about this event


The ramp spots need to be changed these are where private jets park. not cessnas and other small ga aircraft.
Look at this picture.

The private jets on the satileite imagery are where your ramp spots are. If you look where the actual ga aircraft are you can see a difference.

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Can you give me the minimum and maximum value of the proper ramps then?

I didn’t see this inaccuracy but it can be fixed

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alright here simple, green=good for this flyout
red=not good for this flyout

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Should be fixed now, to be more realistic with GA operations there IRL

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