02APR22 - OneWorld Virtual Presents: Around the World @ KSEA

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OneWorld Virtual Presents: Around the World @ Seattle-Tacoma

Hello, and welcome to the first joint event of 2022 of OneWorld Virtual! After a long break, OneWorld Virtual is back!

Our new format features routes from the host VA, in this case Alaska Airlines Virtual, and VA members can choose to fly the specified routes on the event day for a multiplier, as well as participate in a flash flight with all VAs invited.

This month, we head to Seattle for our around the world tour series with a fly in/out from Seattle International Airport with Alaska Airlines Virtual hosting. All OneWorld Virtual member VA’s pilots and IFC members are highly encouraged to participate!

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is the United States 8th Busiest airport by passenger volume and services over 36.2 million passengers and 498,741 metric tons of cargo a year. Located in the south of the city, Seattle Tacoma has 3 runways and l with 3 terminals (2 of them are Satellites) and 4 concourses.

Seattle–Tacoma International Airport - Wikipedia

Event Information

Location: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (KSEA)

Date: 2022-04-02T06:00:00Z

Duration : All Day (0600Z > 0600Z)

Event Type: Fly In / Out


ATC : Present

Featured Routes from Alaska Airlines Virtual

All OneWorld Virtual VA members may fly the following routes on April 2nd for a multiplier.

πŸ›« Seattle-Tacoma International (KSEA)
πŸ›¬ San Diego International (KSAN)
✈️ Boeing 737-900
πŸ•2 hour 45 minutes
❗3x multiplier

πŸ›« Seattle-Tacoma International (KSEA)
πŸ›¬ John F. Kennedy International (KJFK)
✈️Boeing 737-900
πŸ•5 hour 25 minutes
❗2x multiplier

πŸ›« Seattle-Tacoma International (KSEA)
πŸ›¬ Albuquerque Airport (KABQ)
✈️ Boeing 737-900/737-800/Airbus A320
πŸ•2 hours 50 minutes
❗2.5x multiplier

πŸ›« Seattle-Tacoma International (KSEA)
πŸ›¬ Tucson Airport (KTUS)
✈️ Boeing 737-800
πŸ•3 hours 5 minutes
❗2.5x multiplier

πŸ›« Seattle-Tacoma International (KSEA)
πŸ›¬ San Fransico International (KSFO)
✈️ Airbus A320
πŸ•2 hours 15 minutes
❗3x multiplier

πŸ›«Seattle-Tacoma International (KSEA)
πŸ›¬ Ted Stevens Anchorage International (PANC)
✈️ Q400/Boeing 737-900
πŸ•3 hours 10 minutes
❗2.5x multiplier

πŸ›« Seattle-Tacoma International (KSEA)
πŸ›¬ Honolulu International (PHNL)
✈️ Boeing 737-900
πŸ•5 hours 50 minutes
❗2x multiplier

Flash Flight

Every IFC member is welcome to join even if you are not in any of the participating VAs. OWVA VA members are eligible for a 3x multiplier.

Origin Airport Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Flight Duration Time
Portland International (KPDX) Albuquerque Airport (KABQ) Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900 2:45 1900Z

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Participating VAs

The OneWorld Virtual alliance consists of Virtual Airlines based in many different continents, from America to Oceania.

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About OneWorld Virtual

OneWorld Virtual is a virtual alliance founded by @TheAviationGallery back in August 2020, with a aim to connect OneWorld virtual airlines through codeshares and events. In August 2020, the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board (IFVARB) approved us, the new OneWorld Virtual to start operations, with new goals and board members. The OneWorld Virtual family currently consists of Malaysia Airlines Virtual , British Airways Virtual , Finnair Virtual , Qatar Airways Virtual , Qantas Virtual Group , Alaska Airlines Virtual.

Please note that OneWorld Virtual is in no way affiliated with, endorsed with or sponsored by the real world OneWorld Virtual. For the real world OneWorld website, click here .

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See you there!


See you there - Looking forward to this event!

I think you mean PANC. Seems like a cool event, I will see if I can join!


Can I take the Seattle Tamoca to San Fransisco on AS146?

You can take what ever flight you want, no reservation needed! The ones listed are our Featured Flights for this event! Hope to see you there!

Alaska Airlines Virtual - Chief Operations Officer

All fixed! Thanks for letting us know!

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Hey everyone!

For clarity, the event is on 2nd April and not 3rd April.

We apologise for the mix-up.

Good evening! Taking off KSEA to EFHK in 30mins. Looking forward to see you there πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ.

I should be able to land EFHK and make it to the flash flight too later today.

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The event has begun! Safe travels everybody! We’ve got a special treat that will kick off the Flash Flight later on - make sure to be there, you do not want to miss it!

Alaska Airlines Virtual - Chief Operations Officer


Sorry, I am still flying my previous leg, can not join the flash flight this time. I hope you have a good flight!

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