02APR22 / 1930Z - IFATC Takeover: North American Rockies

Hey community and welcome to my first IFATC Takeover event! I decided the region shall be based in the North American Rockies! The Rocky Mountains are one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the western hemisphere starting in the northern area of British Columbia, Canada and extending all the way south to New Mexico , USA.

There’s a plethora of very scenic approaches and a couple of challenging ones to fly and navigate! Majority of these airports are stunning for both IFR and VFR!


Date & Time: 1930Z - 2100Z / 2022-04-02T19:30:00Z2022-04-02T21:00:00Z

Server: Expert Server


ICAO Airport Ground Tower Approach Departure
CYLW Kelowna (3D) @Infinite_Qantas @Infinite_Qantas N/A N/A
CYXC Canadian Rockies Intl. N/A @Airborne_Canuck N/A N/A
CYXJ Fort St. Johns N/A - N/A N/A
KGPI Glacier Park Intl. (3D) - - - -
KHLN Helena Rgnl. - - - -
KBZN Bozeman Yellowstone Intl. - - N/A N/A
KJAC Jackson Hole @David_Mullen @David_Mullen N/A N/A
KEGE Eagle County Rgnl. - - N/A N/A
KASE Aspen-Pitkin County (3D) @NightHawk @NightHawk @Marina @Marina
KGJT Grand Junction Rgnl. - - @JAR @JAR

Vancouver Center - @Edivan_dcds

Edmonton Center - @Edivan_dcds

Salt Lake City Center -

Denver Center - @Kamryn

Send me a message on the forum (or discord if you have that) if you’d like to control a position listed above.


Hello, Kamryn! We love the ATC event and region chosen. We’ll be featuring your event on our social medias and hope to even stream, availability pending. Keep this event going and let’s fill up those facilities!


I’ll grab everything at Aspen (unless @Shane wants to split for old times’ sake) plus Denver Center. Thank you, Kamryn!

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Appreciate it! Very excited for the event and I’m sure spots will be filled by then, thanks for the opportunity :)

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The Aspen legend Luca, let me know if Shane does control! Great to have you aboard!


Shane is the legend, I’m just his understudy.


What he said.


Still some positions open for IFATC members wanting to take! :)

Just about a week away!

Looks like fun!

Interesting that no major airports like DEN or SLC were included (not a complaint, just happened to notice).

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I decided to leave those out to get smaller airports some attention! In addition, I would’ve technically call DEN and SLC apart of the Rockies, but they’re close by!


Count me in!

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Hoping to hit 100 landings in time! Are GA folks welcome? I’ve literally never been on Expert and am unsure of the customs. :)


Yep! In fact we encourage you to fly VFR in this event! Lots of awesome scenery to explore :)


I am going to be GA then! I might also fly an A-10 later in the event, is that allowed?

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I will fly KASE-CYLW
In a cessna 172 then ill do CYLW-KASE in an A-10 and do a flyover of KASE


Yeah, just be sure to follow ATC Instructions!

mk, will do!

Ooh, actually, here’s a question then: I don’t know anything about violations on Expert either. How likely is it that newbies making dumb mistakes in busy airspace will get dinged for it?

welll, if you mess up big time then you will get a very big ding

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Keep the mistakes small and no worse than just shy of annoying. Got it. I am joking. I will be good.