02APR21 / 2000Z - Flying To Paradise @WSSS

*Summary: This event is personally one of my favorites because it’s a really nice route and approach.

— ——

Server: Expert

Airport: WSSS Singapore Changi Intl Airport

Time: 8PM ZULU


Day: 2th
Month: April
Year: 2021

Hours: 2
Minutes: 10 (Approx)

Route: WSSS - WADD


Hey, looks like an awesome event, could you please fix up the title a little bit with this necessary information?!

And a little more detail on the event route, date of the event, etc… An example of an event topic with a great layout is here have a look.


Uhh, I think you went backwards. We are a little bit ahead of you in terms of the date. March was last month and we are not in 2020 either. You might want to change the date of this event

What??? I don’t understand

Its not march 2020, we’re in april 2021

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