02APR21 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Gulf Shores @ KCLT

I love this. I live in Gulf Shores Alabama. And this makes me happy. Cause Pensacola is the airport I plane spot at. usually when its not cold out. and KJKA as well.

Do KCLT operated wide bodies,confused

Should have featured a KCLT-KAGS route for the Masters!

That is cool. Never flown there. Should be a fun flight.

Yes, Boeing 777-200ER, Airbus A340-600, and A330-300. If I’m forgetting any other aircraft, let me know

Before COVID, we used to get Lufthansa A350’s from Munich (and before the A350, it was an A340).

KCLT also has widebody flights to Miami, I think London, and a few other places i think.

Ok,Thank you

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Super excited. Finally an event that hits my hometown airport, KMOB! Can’t wait to see y’all fly in!!!

Super excited! I’ll be heading to Vegas for this one!

Can a a330-300 fly in at KCLT? I’m thinking about doing a flight from Phoenix to Charlotte. If not I’ll use a smaller plane.

Yes they do. You should try and park at Concourse D if you are using a heavy.

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ok. thx for info. cant wait

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Cool to see an underused airport for FNF!

Although looking at the poll results I don’t think people know what the word “Contiguous” means lol

I live in CLT and I’m a spotter here. They don’t actually use 36C for landings, nor do they use 36L for takeoffs. 36C/36R is for takeoffs. 36R is both. 36L is for ONLY landings.


Yay! Finally an FNF at my home airport.

this is very wrong lol, plenty of planes land 36C, 18R/36L is landings only 36C and 36R/18L are mixed

Anyone else see project metal in the header picture?

CONTIGUOUS USA Alaska and Hawaii are not contiguous USA they are OCONUS Outside of Continental United States

same here, KHOU - KCLT for the FNF tomorrow🤓

Awesome FNF I plan to be there.