02APR21 / 0000Z - Infinite Flight Fly Out @ EGLL - RJAA


  • B777-300ER/British Airways:

  • London EGLL to Tokyo RJAA

** Date** Saturday April 3rd
New York: 8:00pm
Los Angeles: 5:00pm
Chicago: 7:00pm
London: 1:00am
Melbourne: 11:00am
Dubai: 4:00am
Singapore: 8:00am**:

  • Training Server:

Attendees -

  • Electric Galaxy
  • AviationGlobal
  • Infinite Arya
  • KirkyKyle21YT
  • Minimaster
  • Rotate Aviation
  • Captain Ry
  • Captain RomR
  • Captain Az
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Hello! please use the the correct formatting for your title.

This can be done by clicking the pencil and putting the date of the event, zulu time (use a converter if needed), your title, and the event airports.

The correct formatting for the title is

01APR21 / 0000Z - Infinite Flight Fly Out @ EGLL - RJAA

He changed/removed the date, which indicates the flight is today, consequently being correct, only having the title mistake.

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Also, just wanted to let you know that you can only make a #live:groupflights tooic 3 hours before your departure time

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Unfortunately, this needs to be posted within 3 hours of departure. I’ve, also, edited the title since April 1st at 0000Z was an hour ago