021400ZNOV19 Long Lost Germany: Bringing Back Munich!

Welcome to the Munich event! From my experience in IF, Frankfurt has been the mainly used German airport, but we can’t forget about Munich! For this event we will be celebrating the “Long Long Germany” (Munich), and will be flying all across the globe!
For the event ALL ATTENDEES will be in a Lufthansa Airliner. Please reply below for a gate to use at the event. Thank you!

Host: @LongHaulGuy
Co-Host: @anon41771314 and @Thunderbolt

Terminal 2

201A -
202A -
203 -
204A -
205A -
206 -
207A -
208 -
209A -
210A -
211 -
212A -
213A -
214 -
215A -
216 -
217A -
218 -

To get a gate: Reply with destination, aircraft, and requested gate (requested gate is optional)

Server: Expert

Airport: EDDM

Time: 2019-11-02T14:00:00Z

NOTAM: Please let me know about any errors. More gates will be added if needed.

Hope to see you there!

@LongHaulGuy your missing a digit in your title time. It should be DDHHMMZMONYY, and you only have one digit for your day. And you should also put where you event is in the title (@EDDM for example). Otherwise, looks like a great event!

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Thanks for pointing that out! Want a gate?

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Sorry I got some stuff going next weekend, but good luck with the event!

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